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Computer Operations Supervisor Resume

Computer operations supervisors have technical and supervisory responsibilities in a computer center or company. They have to coordinate and monitor all the operations that are being deployed on a computer center or computer unit during the shifts and maintain a positive progress that can meet the company's schedule and targets. The manipulation of hardware equipment and peripherals and the software processes and operations conducted by the designated personnel, all have to be monitored in their performance and reports of progress and potential malfunctions or errors have to be made.


Computer operations supervisors have to decide upon the schedule of the use of computer equipment in order to increase efficiency, they have to review the job printouts and make sure that the output is as planned, they have to advice and resolve technical problems and offer necessary information to the subordinate and higher personnel. Equipment maintenance responsibilities are corroborated with administrative responsibilities. They have to evaluate the staff's performance and decide upon staff changes, they have to prepare training programs and resolve all personnel related problems. In conclusion, their resume has to compile complex abilities and knowledge, starting with expert computer knowledge and ending with management qualities.

Computer Operations Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Philip Moody
Birth date: 04.04.1982
Address and Contact Details: 9878 White Fence Way, Redmond, WA 98882-6399, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married, 1 child
Driver's license: Yes


My career as a computer operations supervisor has offered me the opportunity to develop throughout the years and improve my work performance as well as the job required abilities and skills.


Seeking a position of a computer operations supervisor in a more renowned company and offer my experience and skills in improving its general IT performance, and thus contributing to its productivity and profitability.


Computer operations professional with supervisory and administrative experience, in search for a more challenging career opportunity.

Skills/Competencies: extensive computer knowledge, leadership and administrative skills, interpersonal and communicational skills, troubleshooting and decision-making abilities, motivational and professional attitude.

Computer knowledge:

Knowledge in all computer operating systems and their specific applications, data processing and terminal usage, hardware and software expertise, data communication networks.

Work Experience:

Computer operations supervisor, 2004-2010
SOP Computer Center, Washington


  • determining the work needs, schedules, budget, objectives,
  • assigning tasks,
  • monitoring work progress and evaluating work results,
  • managing all personnel related problems
  • collaborating with the company's departments in establishing computer operations goals and targets
Education and Training:

PhD in Computer Science, Washington University
Master's in Computer Engineering, Washington University
Bachelor's Degree in Information technology, Washington University


As a computer operations supervisor I have contributed to the enhancement of computer related work in the company and managed to obtain high quality results along with my team.

Areas of interest:

Computers, business, management, social networking

References: Mrs. Jenny Dum, Manager of Human Resources Department, SOP Computer Center, Washington

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