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Crane Crew Supervisor Resume

The Crane Crew Supervisor has the responsibility to supervise and coordinate the work of the overhead crane operator who is handling the unloading of steel, timbers, machinery and other kinds of heavy cargo found in railway cars or trucks at the construction sites or in the yard of an industrial establishment. He or she also has to perform every kind of supervisory duty that also includes evaluating the performance of the workers of the department and making suggestions in order to improve the effectiveness of the workers.


The resume should focus on the education you have received and on the prior experience you have and names of people who recommended you for this position. Mention any position you had in which you were in charge of a team of people and emphasize your leadership abilities and your problem solving skills.

Crane Crew Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: George Jenkins
Birth Date: 25 March 1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


The Crane Crew Supervisor needs solid knowledge of the way in which the crane operates. The best person for this position should be able to make proper recommendations in order to secure a safe work environment and should know how to improve the work flow.


To obtain the position of a Crane Crew Supervisor in your company. It is my objective to offer high quality training to the workers to assure that they perform their job to the best of their abilities and thus to improve the performances of the department. Another objective of mine is to get promoted at the job.


Highly experienced and trained Crane Crew Supervisor looking for immediate employment, with sound knowledge regarding the operation of the equipment at a construction site and also the ability to supervise and oversee the work of others while making suggestions and recommendations.

Skills and Competencies

  • Leadership abilities
  • Ability to oversee the work of others
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to develop good working relationships with the co-workers and the superiors
  • Ability to multitask

Work Experience

Crane Crew Supervisor, 2005 to present
North / South Construction Company, Inc., Northwest City, USA

Job Duties:

Supervising and coordinating the activities performed by the overhead crane regarding the unloading of the machinery, steel, timber and other kinds of heavy cargo found on railway cars and trucks at the construction sites

Assistant Crane Crew Supervisor, 2000-2005
North / South Construction Company, Inc., Northwest City, USA

Job Duties:

Assisting the primary supervisor in coordinating the duties of the overhead crane activities regarding the unloading of the different kinds of construction products


A.A. Construction
Any City Trade School, Any City, USA

Offering training to the staff

Areas of Interest
Constructions and equipment used


Sarah Scott
General Manager
North/South Construction Company, Inc.
Northwest City, USA

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