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Janitorial Services Supervisor Resume

The janitorial services supervisor resume needs to be simple and conclusive and talk about knowledge in managing personnel and performing janitorial tasks and about prior experience in the field. Janitorial services supervisors are individuals in charge of managing aspects and issues related to the janitorial work in a public building that can be anything from a business company to a school or a hospital. They have the main responsibility of making sure that every janitorial task is completed professionally and that the cleanliness of the building is satisfactory for the employer. This process implies recruiting and hiring qualified personnel for the job, assigning daily tasks and monitoring performance and progress, discussing employees' complaints and requests, working hours and payment, and communicating them to superiors, ensuring that the staff has enough supplies and the proper instruments for performing their duties. Janitorial services supervisors have to constantly examine the building and make sure that cleanliness standards are met.


They have to make sure that the cleaning equipment is functioning properly and, if not, they have to take care of the repairs. Buying cleaning solutions, mops, floor buffers and so on is another of their responsibility. When hiring new janitors they have to give a basic training in daily tasks. They may also lay off employees who don't perform well. If there is a case of a smaller building or a staff shortage, they may perform janitorial duties themselves.

Sample Janitorial Services Supervisor Resume

Personal Details
Name: Carmen Sapid
Birth date: 12.12.1980
Address: 2345 Willow Street
San Diego, CA 65784
Phone: (202) 502 4326
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's license: Yes


I wish to develop my career by occupying the position of Janitorial Services Supervisor and helping your company promote a professional, modern image, by managing daily tasks related to the janitorial personnel and their services.


  • Administrative and organizational skills
  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Over eight years of experience in this domain
  • Ability to coordinate and supervise
  • Ability to handle a team of people in completing janitorial tasks
  • Ability to manage employment issues
  • Management skills
  • In-depth knowledge of qualities, use of common tools and equipments, and materials used in cleaning and maintenance activities
  • Knowledge of human behavior and psychology

Computer knowledge:
Windows XP, Microsoft Office

Work Experience:

Janitor Assistant Supervisor, 2002–present
Trust fund Business Company


  • Performing janitorial duties
  • Checking the supplies store room
  • Making sure that there personnel has all the necessary tools and supplies available
  • Assisting the janitorial supervisor in examining building cleanliness
  • Training new employees in janitorial tasks and methods
  • Supervised duties performed by workers
  • Making reports on repairing of cleaning system equipment and sending it to the reporting manager
  • Hired new employees
  • Issued supplies to workers and made log of it
  • Evaluated employees performance by reviewing their completed work assignments and the work technique used
  • Assigned jobs to workers and supervised the completed job to make sure that it meets the required standards
  • Administered and coordinated activities of workers engaged in cleaning and maintenance of commercial, industrial, or other establishments like in school, offices or auditorium
  • Resolved issues related to workers and passing on the issue to the supervisor if required
  • Inspection of equipments and providing maintenance to make sure that they are in working condition
  • Keeping coordination with other departments to make sure that services are provided in laid down standard and in timely fashion
  • Perform financial tasks like making budget and estimated cost
  • Purchased cleaning supplies and equipments to make sure they are in stock

Education and Training:
High School Diploma, California Public School

Languages known:

  • German
  • Japanese
  • English
  • French

Areas of interest:

  • Music
  • Computers
  • Movies
  • Social networking


Mr. Jim Ruth,
Janitorial Services Supervisor Trust fund Business Company

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