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Kitchen Supervisor Resume

Kitchen supervisors work in restaurants, business cafeterias, school cafeterias, hotels and other institutions such as prisons or hospitals. This position usually is occupied by someone who has been working as a cook or a waiter. The duty of kitchen supervisors include planning menus and setting prices, supervising kitchen helpers and cooks and ensuring that all the employees respect the safety standards; interviewing new staff and hiring or firing kitchen staff. A kitchen supervisor resume should be effectively drafted as this position demands supervision backed with managerial skills.


Kitchen supervisors purchase kitchen supplies and food and plan routine cleaning services. Apart from this they also have to look into waste removal and maintenance of equipment. A kitchen supervisor has to keep rotating and organizing food stock and maintaining a record of inventory, and investigate and solve customer complaints about food service and quality. They have to initiate meetings with employees to ensure that complains are minimal and mistakes are not repeated.

If you want to perceive a career as kitchen supervisor, you should first find out the essential requirements for the job. This will help you draft a better resume. Generally, the requirements include the ability to understand hygiene requirements related to personal hygiene, sanitation and food handling, and equipment safety. Kitchen supervisors are required to have exceptional communication and writing skills. The ability to learn new information and the ability to acquire new skills on-the-job in order to handle cash and fulfill the demands of the job.

Supervisors must have good communication skills, because this job includes constant interaction with other staff members and customers, and good customer service. You should choose the skills and qualities you possess and add them in your resume in order to convince potential employers that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Kitchen Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Michael Kent
Address: 134 Main Street, New York, USA
Phone: (555) 555 6535


Seeking the position of a Kitchen Supervisor where I can enhance my management skills and bring my previous work experience into practise.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent knowledge of food handling, equipment safety and personal hygiene
  • Exceptional communication and writing skills
  • Ability to learn new things, and the proficiency to handle cash
  • Ability to create good work relationships with other staff member and customers
  • Good customer service skills
  • Excellent physical state
  • Good professional experience

Work Experience

Stephan's grill, New York, USA
Closing Kitchen Supervisor, 2005-Present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted other staff member with their duties
  • Performed duties such as preparing and planning for the next day, maintaining hygiene, taking care of the inventory and dealing with special events,
  • Took charge of closing the kitchen and making sure that everything is well maintained

Royal Hotel Inc., New York, USA
Food preparation worker, 2000-2005

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performed duties such as washing, cutting vegetables and fruits, and aid the cook in every possible way
  • Measured the ingredients needed for cooking
  • Distributed menus to patients of hospitals and collected their diet plans
  • Cleaned fish, poultry, shellfish for the food preparation
  • Informed other staff members when stock was finishing
  • Removed garbage containers
  • Cleaned work area and food preparation utensils like dishes and silverware
  • Recorded the amount of food use
  • Distributed food to waiters to serve customers
  • Prepared different types of drinks like coffee and tea and simple foods like sandwiches and salads


High School Diploma, New York University
Diploma in Hotel Management, New York

A kitchen supervisor resume should be prepared effectively because the job involves talking a lot of responsibilities and managing various chores in the hotel or food industry. One should be well aware of the working of the food business and this should be reflected in your resume. The duties and responsibilities undertaken in the previous job forms the major criteria for shortlisting the candidate in this profile and thereby some thought should be put when writing in this category.

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