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Linenroom Supervisor Resume

A linen room supervisor monitors the activity of other employees in a laundry shop. Beside the usual duties as a laundry attendant – such as talking to customers and taking the items brought in – she needs to do other tasks as well. Some of these tasks include answering phone calls and emails, setting up the work schedule of the other attendants, caring for the more difficult clothing items, and solving reported customer complaints. When making a linen room supervisor job resume, add few skill details like good communication skills, complaint handling skills, actively listening to customers and administrative skills to manage the team of laundry attendants. Adding computer knowledge in case you need to send emails would give an extra boast to the resume, and it can work as an added advantage


You should have some notions of how to clean clothes and linen to be able to work quickly and efficiently. Before sending your application, make sure the information is customized according to your own needs. Try to highlight your skills and abilities, and what makes you the best person for this job: remember to mention all of your previous experience related to laundry cleaning.

Linenroom Supervisor Resume Sample

Contact data

Name: Linda Hamilton
Address: 124 Main Street, New York, USA
Email address
Driver's license: Yes
Phone number 222 784 9678
Citizenship: American


I am searching to find a position as a laundry room supervisor in your laundry shop.


  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Good communication skills
  • Good notions of various laundry washes
  • Knowledge of stain removing
  • Good management skills
  • Knowledge of how to supervise a dry cleaning place
  • Basic knowledge of computer software
  • Able to prioritize tasks
  • Able to notice details quickly
  • Good communication skills
  • Good memory and listening skills
  • Customer and personal services
  • Good administration and management skills
  • Knowledge of principles of personal and human resource
  • Good in education and training
  • Good in time management
  • Management of personal resources
  • Problem-solving skills

Work Experience

Laundry Attendant,
Top cleaners, New York, New York, 2005–2007

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Greeted the customers when entering
  • Inspected the items that were brought in for problems and stains
  • Decided if they can be cleaned and what should be used
  • Asked the customer about how the item has been treated previously
  • Took the payment money and registered it
  • Ensured each item gets cleaned properly and does not get destroyed
  • Returned the dry cleaned items to the client
  • Handled any client complaints and reported it to the supervisor

Linen Room Supervisor
Pole Cleaners
New York, New York 2007–present

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Supervised workers engaged in storing liner and wearing clothes
  • Inspect work performed to ensure compliance with specifications and standards
  • Inspection and maintenance of equipments to ensure they are in working condition
  • Assisting in cleaning duties if required
  • Issue of supplies and equipment to workers and making report of it
  • Checking of stock to make sure that supplies are in abundant
  • Planning and scheduling workers work timings
  • Screening of job applicants and interviewing them
  • Maintaining log of work hours, budget and payrolls
  • Preparing and managing budgets
  • Administer services like laundry, maintence, dry cleaning and valet services
  • Placing orders for purchasing supplies, equipments and furnishing
  • Handling customers complains and providing resolution
  • Handling financial responsibilities like estimating costs and preparing and managing budgets

  • Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, University of New York, 2004
  • Associate diploma in clothes handling
  • Certification in public relation management
  • Certification in basic computers
  • Courses in MS Office package


Name: Carol J. Ball
Top Cleaners

Name: Linda G. Bradford
Pole Cleaners

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