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Nuclear Reactor Supervisor Resume

Nuclear Reactor supervisors have to be knowledgeable about the procedures and regulations implied by this type of work, about the functioning of nuclear reactors and the possibilities of experimenting with irradiations and radioactive materials. Depending on the type of the institution, nuclear reactor supervisors can work in the field of experimental physics or in the field of education, supervising and facilitating students' experiments.


The job of a nuclear reactor supervisor is a high-profile job not only because of the supervisory tasks implied by the occupational title, but also because working in the operation and maintenance of nuclear reactors is the prerogative of highly specialized individuals, with experience in engineering and in handling radioactive materials. This means that the resume of a nuclear reactor supervisor needs to highlight the special training in nuclear reactor maintenance and preferably a certification from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a Bachelor's degree in engineering or sciences and a few years of experience. Additional abilities like managerial inclination, the ability to supervise a team of people working in a hazardous environment or to manage special work situations have to be included in the resume as well.

Nuclear Reactor Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Brian Brown
Birth date: 01.08.1974
Address and Contact Details: 559 Nathan Abbott Way Stanford, CA 94305
Tel: 900.800.8000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Driver's license: Yes


In the quality of Nuclear Reactor Assistant Supervisor in our institution I have contributed in the operations and maintenance procedures executed with our nuclear reactor. I have supported the Nuclear Reactor Supervisor and familiarized with the type of activities implied by coordinating and monitoring a team of professionals in this hazardous environment. My experience in the field strongly recommends me for the position of a Supervisor.


I wish to apply for the position of Nuclear Reactor Supervisor and use all my skills and competencies in safely and efficiently guiding the personnel in operating, calibrating, adjusting and preparing the nuclear reactor for experiments.


Nuclear Reactor Assistant Supervisor with experience in the field, looking forward to assume the responsibilities of the supervisor position.


  • Knowledge in engineering and training in the field of nuclear reactor maintenance
  • Ability to work with radioactive materials and radiation experiments
  • Knowledge in handling every step in the processes of nuclear reactors
  • Ability to evaluate radiation exposure of staff and to adjust operating procedures
  • Ability to asses experimental needs and recommend type of operations
  • Administrative and managerial skills
  • Efficient communicational skills
Computer knowledge: advanced computer and IT literacy

Work Experience:

Nuclear Reactor Assistant Supervisor, 1999-present


  • performing a large variety of tasks that included almost every aspect of operating a nuclear reactor
  • assisting the supervisor in preparing experiments,
  • adjusting operations,
  • calibrating reactor systems,
  • approving shut downs and restarts,
  • handling staff issues,
  • managing paper-work and keeping records of reactor activity.
Education and Training:

Certification from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, North California University


As an assistant I have performed my tasks with professionalism and contributed to the safety of the entire departments' work activity

Areas of interest: physics, mathematics, philosophy

References: available if needed


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