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Retail Area Supervisor Resume

The retail supervisor, shortly the store manager, is in charge of ensuring that everything works well in the store. All the other shop attendants have to report to the shop manager, and he/ she is solving customer complaints, sets up work schedules, oversees the other employees etc. The store manager also does retail work - selling products.


If you want to work in this position, you need well developed management skills. You have to be aware of the customers' wishes in terms of the items bought and supply the store with these items. It is important to come up with marketing strategies so as to attract more customers and to ensure great customer service so as to make the clients return to the store. Interpersonal skills are meant to help you interact with the client and the employers in an efficient manner and to create a friendly, but professional environment. Your overall purpose is that of increasing profitability.

This resume provides more information on this job, as well as a clear example of the duties and responsibilities of a shop manager. All the fictional data needs to be replaced before the resume can be used in job applications.

Retail Area Supervisor Resume Sample


  • name: Anna Casey ;
  • birth date: 19-02-1982 ;
  • nationality: American ;
  • home address: 145 Sunset Beach, Miami, Florida ;
  • email address: ;
  • driver's license: yes ;
  • marital status: single

I am seeking for a job as a retail area supervisor, in your company. My proven skills show I am a very suitable candidate for this position.


Reliable individual, with great experience in sales and retail. I have very good knowledge of how the retail industry works, as well as good leadership and management skills. I believe that, under my supervision, the store will bring in better profits and more regular customers.


  • very strong communication and socialization abilities, oral and written ;
  • very good management abilities ;
  • strong leadership skills ;
  • strong notions of the retail industry ;
  • abilities to multitask easily ;
  • customer oriented attitude ;
  • stress resistant, problem solver ;
  • is available to work long hours ;
  • good organization skills ;
  • persuasive, convincing person ;
  • always smiling, positive attitude ;
  • is able to work very well alone ;
  • good computer skills

Sales Attendant, name of the shop, MIAMI, FL, 20xx-20xx ;
Duties and responsibilities:

  • helped the clients with buying the products they wanted ;
  • ensured the store is clean and the items arranged ;
  • cashed in payments for transactions ;
  • provided information regarding the fitting cabins ;
  • noted any customer complaint and reported it to the supervisor
Duties and responsibilities:
  • monitored the activities of the other employees ;
  • took payment for the purchases from the customers ;
  • organized various promotions to advertise the shop and increase sales ;
  • provided information regarding the items for sale ;
  • calculated budget and profits of the store ;
  • made sure the shop is running according to the rules and regulations ;
  • took note of any customer complaint and reports from the other employees

Under my supervision, ALSI COSMETICS made 20% more profits comparing to the previous year. The flow of customers also increased by 35%.


  • High school diploma, MIAMI HIGH SCHOOL, MIAMI, FLA, 20xx-20xx ;
  • Bachelor's diploma in Sales, MIAMI UNIVERSITY, MIAMI, FLA, 20xx-20xx

References are to be available upon request only

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