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Track Supervisor Resume

A track supervisor is a person who manages and coordinates the activities of construction or mining workers. This is a very responsible position, because the person is in-charge of ensuring all the safety measures. A track supervisor resume needs to cover all the vital details regarding the skills and the qualifications of the candidate. This page will provide you with the details of, the nature of the job and the responsibilities that are associated with this job.


The responsibilities of this position include:

  • Supervising the progress of the construction work
  • Inspecting the work of the laborers and workers
  • Training the workers in using the equipment related to construction
  • Examining the blueprint to ensure that the work is being carried out according to the plan
  • Coordinating various work- and project-related activities
  • Place orders for the raw materials or supplies required
  • Making necessary records of the construction progress, material supply, and work of the laborers
  • Reporting any kind of problems or complaints to the senior officers

The resume needs to include the experience or familiarity with railroad activities, especially railroad track experience. The educational background is irrelevant, but they should at least have a high school diploma. Some computer knowledge is required, along with the ability to manage a team of track workers, coordinate and assign activities, report to the road master and respond to trouble notices at any time. Availability to address work problems 7 days a week and to work outdoors in various weather conditions benefit the incumbent if mentioned. They must be familiar with the safety regulations of the US Department of Transportation and with the Federal Railroad Administration procedures. They must also have experience in inspecting and coordinating maintenance duties on the railroad tracks and facilities. They should have all the necessary skills and abilities to manage a team of track laborers and ensure safety standards.

Track Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Darren Hanson
Address: 43 Don Gasper, Santa Fe, NM 51322
Phone: 125 374 9849
E-mail address:
Date of birth: November 16, 1982

Career Objective:

My objective is to become very efficient in the position of track supervisor and improve my professional aspects in the field. I have a professional attitude and the ability to maintain high work standard that can be of value to your company.

Education and Trainings

  • Name of the program: High School Diploma in Technical Sciences
  • Name of the institution: New Mexico Public School
  • Year of passing: 2005

Work Experience

  • Designation: Track Supervisor
  • Duration of the tenure: 2007–2010
  • Name of the organization: ABC Constructions


  • Ability to perform track inspections
  • Technical and mechanical knowledge regarding tools and machine, including their repair, design and maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Administrative and managerial skills
  • Ability to work in a team, long hours and in any weather condition
  • Knowledge of railroad safety practices
  • Physical agility
  • Computer knowledge: Basic computer skills, Spears Management System
  • Very good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good decision making skills
  • Logical approach to the problem solving
  • Highly attentive and target oriented
  • Time management skills

Work Activities

  • Inspect railroad tracks by foot or using hi-rail vehicles
  • Use specific tools for troubleshooting
  • Verify notices using test cars and recommended remedial actions
  • Coordinate the repairs and maintenance operations
  • Respond to notices and trouble calls
  • Ensure compliance to FRA standards and safety regulations
  • Inspect tracks to evaluate efficiency of repairs
  • Supervise the track laborers
  • Train and direct the new employees in their work
  • Compile records with the necessary information

Achievements and Credits

  • The job of track supervisor was a good opportunity for me to perform professionally maintaining high work standards and contribute to the safe and effective unrolling of railroad operations and activities
  • I won the 'Best Employee Of The Month' thrice in my tenure

Areas of interest

  • Mechanics
  • Crafting
  • Football
  • Traveling
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology and Humanities


Christopher P. Pina
Managing Director
XYZ Constructions
452 Webster Street
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: 388 900 2331
E-mail address:

Gerald P. Renfro
Managing Director
ABC Constructions
3542 Ash Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63130
Phone: 277 911 9077

Other personal details

  • Date of birth: September 3, 1984
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Driving license: B category, 2002

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