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Word Processing Supervisor Resume

A word processing supervisor is the person managing and coordinating the activities performed by the personnel dealing with the word processing equipment. There are cases when the workers will have problems. The supervisor will assist them in finding the best solution and in solving the problems.


The word processing supervisor is in charge of the following tasks or duties:

  • Assigning tasks to his subordinates and of evaluating the way in which they perform their duties
  • The supervisor will evaluate the results and the level of performance of each employee and will recommend further actions
  • Recruit, interview and select employees
  • Prepare work schedules, deadlines, assignments for staff
  • Create and update company policies or standards
  • Analyze financial activities of different departments and provide input for budget planning
  • Resolve customer problems and solve their problems

Important activities of word processing supervisor:

  • Based on his knowledge, the word processing supervisor will have to analyze the situation and to recommend methods and techniques to maximize their time, reduce their costs and improve their results to his subordinates
  • Communicating with subordinates or supervisors
  • Getting information
  • Well versed with computer knowledge and its operation
  • Guiding and directing peers and subordinates
  • Supervisor will be the one dealing with the new workers. He will have to create and conduct training programs for the new workers

The language used should be simple, grammatically correct, and with an appropriate font and font size. Keep in mind that you use small sentences which are crystal clear or easy to understand. Using of words that portray optimism and confidence is a plus point for the resume. Confused unintelligible language should be avoided as is shows lack of professional attitude. All the details mentioned on the resume should be valid and relevant for the job profile to which a candidate is applying. Wrong information mention on the resume is discarded instantly.

The job as a word processing supervisor is a job where being a good team manager will make a big difference if you intend to apply for it. In this case, make sure you include this in your resume along with the past experience that proves this quality. Try to focus on presenting in your resume the skills that make you a good supervisor and that make you perfect for this job.

Word Processing Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Anne Marie Fletcher
Birth date: 23/11/1987
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


The word processor supervisor is the person supervising and guiding word processors in their activity of typing various materials to high standards. It is important that the standards are met; therefore the word processor supervisor will train the personnel in this purpose and will evaluate their performance.


  • To work hard so as to flourish in my career
  • To help the word processors become better at their job and to guide them in all their problems
  • To do a good job and to maximize the company's profits


Excellent team manager with experience in the word processing field and availability for working long hours, I want to receive the opportunity of proving my capacities and skills that make me a good supervisor


  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Ability to work long hours
  • Excellent transportation maintenance knowledge
  • Supervisory and leadership skills
  • Computer skills
  • Training skills
  • Resistant to stress
  • Good trainer and team manager

Work Experience

Word Processing Supervisor
Copy Me Writer Center, Denver, 2008–Present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Supervising word processing workers
  • Correcting completed documents received from the word processors
  • Creating and conducting training programs
  • Evaluating performances and giving advices
  • Answering questions
  • Making sure that the equipment is maintained in good conditions
  • Sending processed documents
  • Processing invoices


B.A. in Business, Denver University, Denver, 2007


  • Solved problems in a short time
  • Increased the performance in word processing by 20%

Areas of interest

  • Business
  • Administration


Tania Roams
Copy Me Writer Center, Denver

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