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Teacher Resume

Resume writing involves a lot of thought and it is a creative job. In fact, it is a challenge to present the facts in an interesting manner which is relevant to the job you are applying for. For drafting an effective resume one need to look from the employer's perspective. Teacher resume should ideally be a representation of the experience of the applicant as a good teacher. It should reflect the experience in teaching a particular subject they are applying for and should interest the reader. Before drafting an effective teacher resume one can also go through some sample to get a clear picture of the contents of a teacher resume.


Necessary Elements in a Teacher's Resume:

Personal Details:
Your personal details include your name, address, phone number, email address. Put your name in a larger font size as compared to the other text.

List the certifications you have received and the date. For example: Official GED Certificate expected in December 2001.

Teaching experience:
Use list of action verbs to enumerate your experiences in the classroom. The school likes to know your skill and strategies, the teaching methods you use. You should mention your experience with students with special needs and the interaction you had with their parents. Also, mention your job title, the place of work, along with the period you worked for.

Take some efforts to list other miscellaneous experiences not paid for but which gave you relevant experiences.

Other experiences:

This includes work experiences that are not related to teaching, like science or math. It is your judgment whether you wish to list these experiences, as the authorities are interested in you teaching experiences. List all the jobs undertaken in a reverse chronological manner.

Career objective:
This statement reflects on your future goals and aspirations. Do not over exemplify by using flowery language, just be straight to the point and simple. For example: "To facilitate student learning in the area of politics and history"

If you have received any honor that is impressive and is worth a mention, list it. For example: any scholarships or any activities that are related to teaching.

Special Skills:

Skills such as, fluency in any foreign language, attaining professional development by attending special workshops or seminars, use of software in mathematics, including any leadership position that you hold, are a few points that can reflect under special skills.

A good teacher resume should include your unique points as a teacher and your positive traits. It should also include the various techniques you have developed in the classroom to teach and your contribution to any event in the class or the school. Common words that can create an impression to the reader include; cooperative learning, manipulative hands on teaching, handling a group, multi age grouping etc.

The main aim of writing an effective resume is to be called for an interview. The resume by far represents the candidate and aids in clearing the preliminary rounds from the employer point of view. Error in a resume should be a strict no-no as it leaves quite a negative impact of the candidate. Even minor spelling mistakes should be avoided. One need to make sure that the resume is drafted in a professional manner and that it should force the employers to call you for an interview.

The resume should be well formatted with bullet points when you write about your responsibilities and skills. Use of action words is important while you describe your teaching and non teaching skills. These words can be devising, formulating, organizing, experimenting, motivating, implementing, etc. One should also make sure that your resume is at par with the current trends and that it represents oneself in the most impressive style.

Following are the teacher sample resumes:

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