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Architectural Teacher Resume

Just as any other teacher, the Architecture Teacher has to evaluate and grade the work of students, including the work that they do in design studios. He or she has to prepare and also deliver the lectures to the students on topics that include architectural design methods, structures and materials, aesthetics and design. The course material also has to be prepared by the teacher, that includes syllabi, handouts and homework assignments. The classroom discussions need to be initiated, moderated and facilitated by the teacher. The teacher might also have to revise and plan the curricula, the content of the course and the materials that are going to be used.


If you would like to teach architecture than you must include in your resume the experience that you have on the job and the education that you have received in this field.

Architecture Teacher Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Marie Granger
Birth Date: 25 July 1987
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To obtain the vacant job of Architecture Teacher at your institution. I would like to show proof of the abilities and skills that I have and the experience that I have gathered. These can be used effectively for the benefit of students as I would contribute to their education.


State licensed Architecture Teacher with a strong background looking for immediate start of work, with experience regarding the psychology used in teaching and years of teaching experience, with a lot of patience and excellent communication skills, and the ability to develop good relationships with the rest of the co-workers and the students.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good knowledge of educational psychology
  • Solid knowledge regarding architecture and related fields
  • Ability to develop good relationships
  • Patience

Work Experience

Architecture Teacher, 2009 to present
Big City Vocational School, Big City, USA

Job Duties: In charge of an architectural program
Teaching in classes the art and science of designing and constructing structures

Architect, 2008-2009
J.D. Finch Architects, Inc., Little Town, USA

Job Duties:

  • Working on the blueprint and the design
  • Setting up field trips for the students
  • Organizing the discussions regarding architecture as a career choice


M. A. in Architecture
Leighton College, Any City, USA


  • Finishing the construction of Little Town School
  • Organizing numerous successful field trips
  • Winning awards with students at competitions
  • Organizing circles for students with the topic of architecture
  • Taking part at conferences with the topic of modern architecture

Areas of Interest

  • Modern architecture
  • Lecture methods and modern visual aids
  • Technology used in modern architecture
  • Interior and exterior design


  • Bob Wayne
  • General Manager
  • Big City Vocational School, Big City, USA

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