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Biological Sciences Teacher Resume

Biological sciences teachers need to have at least a bachelor's degree in biology, including molecular biology, botany, anatomy or marine biology. Depending on the educational level, teachers in biological sciences can deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students and in most of the latter cases, the teachers are involved in research activities. Their class activities consist in preparing and delivering lectures, preparing and assisting laboratory work, preparing evaluation tests and activities and monitoring the learning process of the students. Home assignments, paper works and other scholar activities are also the responsibility of teachers, independent of their subject of matter.


They can also participate in optimizing the teaching process, with new ideas related to the teaching and learning methods, curricula, class organization, course content and so on. They might also participate in more administrative activities related to the academic environment and occupy administrative positions, such as department head. The resume of a biological science teacher should include the educational background and special academic achievements, and the professional experience and professional significant results.

Biological Sciences Teacher Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Nicole Cruise
Birth date: 15.03.1963
Address and Contact Details: 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20460, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 3 children
Driver's license: Yes


Looking for a new working environment that can help to further develop my professional experience and offer me new research opportunities.


I wish to seek the position of biological science teacher in your University and contribute my knowledge and research abilities in providing a high-quality teaching system for students and helping the scientific community with further analysis of biological sciences hypothesis.


Biological science professional with extensive teaching and researching experience and positive results in implementing modern technical methods in the learning process. Looking for an academic position that can provide new opportunities of professional development.


The capacity to use scientific language, methods and principles, the capacity to instruct and monitor the learning process, communicative skills, patience, organized, attention to details and capacity to adapt to multitasking and interpersonal relations, critical thinking and good time management.

Computer knowledge: Windows, Linux, Microsoft Office

Work Experience:

Biological Science Teacher, 1985-2010
Erasmus University, Rotterdam


In charge of preparing and delivering molecular and marine biology courses to graduate students and monitoring and evaluating the learning process and performance, applying modern educational techniques and participating at administrative and education related discussions.

Established good relations with the students, their parents and with the rest of the teaching community

Education and Training:

PhD in Biotechnology, Erasmus University
Master's in Molecular Biology, North Carolina University
Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences, North Carolina University


The implementation of interactive learning strategies that has relieved the learning process for students and the results obtain in the biotechnology research program.

Areas of interest: biology, anatomy, biotechnology, teaching

References: Mrs. Dorothy Ortiz, Department of Science, Erasmus University

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