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Communications Teacher Resume

The world we live in is dominated by communication. We depend on it every second of our lives. As children, it is important to communicate with our parents and tell them what our needs are, as husbands we feel the need to talk to our wives, and share our daily experiences with them, as parents we like to have long and interesting conversations with our children, as employees, we have to communicate with our superiors and the list may go on endlessly.


Communicating seems easy, but it is not. That is why we have so many divorces nowadays, and so many cases of employees who cannot tolerate their boss or of children who cannot wait to get rid of their parents' "small talk".

Communication is a natural gift that we, humans, have. But teaching it in a classroom, to young students, is not as easy as it might seem. It takes a great deal of preparation and many qualities and skills. You need to be understanding and able to listen, imaginative and perseverant, and, last but not least, you should be a good communicator yourself.

If you think that all this qualities define you, and that you would like to be in permanent interaction with the young minds that are waiting for necessary knowledge to guide them through the world, then maybe you should think of becoming a Communications teacher. If this is your option, then here is a possible way in which you could structure your resume.

Communications Teacher Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: Aretha Johnson
Birth date: 3.05.1976
Address and contact details: 25 Independence Street, Boston, USA,
Marital status: Married
Children: Yes, three
Driver's license: Yes


The Communications teacher is not only that person who tells the students about a series of laws and principles, but also that someone who teaches them how to be good communicators, so that they could fit into the roles that society has to offer them.


To become a Communications teacher within your university and, therefore, to have the chance of using my knowledge and my experience in order to make the students see how interesting and worth studying this subject really is. Summary:

Understanding and patient, with very good presentation skills, I am sure that I will be capable of giving the students the right set of communication skills, for them to become good husbands and parents, good employees and better leaders.

Qualities and skills:

  • Tolerant and understanding
  • Very good communication skills
  • Imaginative and creative
  • Used to working with students
Other skills:

Computer literate
Foreign languages: Italian- intermediate, Dutch- beginner

Work experience:

Communication Teacher, Queen University, Boston, 1995-2007

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Teach Communications to 1st to 4th year students
  • Catch their attention through interesting strategies

Bachelor's degree in Communications at the University of Boston, 1990-1994
Rex High School, Boston, 1985-1990


  • Great results in working with students
  • Many of my former students are now Communications experts
Areas of interest:

Body language across different cultures


Miss Clarissa Brown,
Queen University, Boston,

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