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Computer Science Teacher Resume

The work of a teacher is similar to that of an artist. Just like an artist fills a blank paper with colors, the teacher molds young minds with the appropriate knowledge and skills and most importantly, with patience, responsibility and dedication. Teaching is one of the noblest professions and it is not easy to be a teacher. One should possess many qualities to the highest extent and should be able to set an example through your image and conduct. Your resume should therefore be very effective; the same applies to a computer science teacher resume.


Being a Computer Science teacher, one need to keep yourself updated with the changing technology. It is common knowledge that the era we are living in is that of the information technology and that we bump into a computer in almost every institution that we walk in. The young people use it in order to create a large network of friends; businesspersons use it to build their complicated strategies and in order to communicate with their colleagues, over long distances. Even children cannot be left behind as they use it for playing games. Computers, thus has taken a substantial position in our lives and is used by people of all ages and from all walks of life. It is for this reason that most schools have introduced computer science as a subject for children to know the techniques of using it from a young age.

Apart from this, computer science being a very vast field there are chances that children might fall into a trap and might visit sites that are not designed for kids. These are some of the flaws of this field and thereby require proper guidance from a trained individual. It is the duty of a computer teacher to teach the students to follow the right path and avoid the unwanted. They need to offer factual and theoretical information about computers with a practical approach. You need a great amount of patience for that, apart from being tactful and diplomatic. One should also possess good communication skills and a solid knowledge of the field.

If you think that you possess all these qualities, here is a potential computer science teacher resume sample that can be used as reference before drafting a resume in this category.

Computer Science Teacher Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: Brigitte Adams
Birth date: 3.05.1985
Address: 85 Drury Lane, London, USA
Telephone Number: (567) 125-865
Marital status: Married
Children: 3
Driver's license: Yes


My professional objective for the following years is that of becoming a Computer Science teacher within your school, and thus proving my proficiency in working with children.


With a solid experience background, patience, and professionalism, I am sure that I will be able to make the students see how to optimize the task in hand by using a computer.

Qualities and skills:

  • Patient and ambitious
  • Possess good communication skills
  • Proficient in working with children

Other skills:

Excellent with the computer
Proficient in the following languages:
German-advanced; Italian- intermediate

Work experience:

Computer Science teacher, Kensington High School, London, 1999- 2007

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Teaching the technical and practical aspect of using a computer
  • Conducting practical tests and grading the students understanding
  • Introducing the students with new updates in the field of technology; depending upon their age group
  • Making regular trips to computer factories in order to teach about the manufacturing process of the various devices


Bachelor's degree in Information Technology at the Harvard University, USA, 1994-1998
Kensington High School, London, 1990-1994


Great results within the national student's contests

Areas of interest:

Web programming
Web developing


Mr. John Gain
Kensington High School, London, Headmaster.

A computer science teacher resume like any other professional resume should include all the points of a good resume. It should begin with an introduction and candidate's objective in the long run. The resume should sum up with an effective summary and list the candidate's education, skills and previous work experience in this field.

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