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County Home Demonstration Agent Resume

A county home demonstration agent has the responsibility to organize and develop programs for individuals in rural communities to help them improve their farm and family life. The duties of county home demonstration agent include lecturing and demonstrating methods in subjects such as home management, clothing, nutrition and child care, visiting homes and advising families on problems like home remodeling or family budgeting and organizing clubs and assisting in selecting and training leaders to guide group discussions such as home decoration, food preparations or sewing.


They are also in charge of writing articles and leaflets, talking over the television and radio to disseminate information, participating in particular community activities, like speaking before parents and judging rural fairs and directing club activities as well. County home demonstration agents may perform other additional duties as and when required.

County demonstration agents must have exceptional communication and organization skills as they have to deal with all types of families and people in general. They must be able to organize their programs in order to help families or farms they are in charge of. Agents are also expected to have knowledge in home management topics, such as farm and family life or nutrition because they have the duty to help families improve their lives.

A resume for this position should contain a qualifications section with the main skill and knowledge requirements and personal traits that you possess, along with your work history in which you detail the tasks that you performed at your previous jobs.

County Home Demonstration Agent Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Ryan Sloane
Address: 39 Avenue, New York, USA, 88888
Home: (222) 325 5555
Cell: (444) 525 1234


Seeking a position as a County Home Demonstration Agent and contribute to the betterment of the county people by using my knowledge and skills as a county home demonstrator.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Exceptional communication and organization skills
  • Knowledge of home and home management topics, including family and farm life
Professional Experience

Farm and Home Consultants, New York, USA
County Home-Demonstration Agent, 2002 - Present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Developing and organizing programs for individuals in rural communities and helped them improve family and farm life
  • Lecturing and showing techniques in subjects like clothing, nutrition, home furnishing, home management and child care
  • Visiting homes and provided advice for families on topics such as home remodeling and family budgeting
  • Organizing clubs and selected leaders to developed club discussion such as food preparation, sewing or home decorations
  • Writing articles and leaflets to disseminate information
  • Participating in community activities such as speaking before parents and judging at rural fairs
Farm and Home Consultants, New York, USA
Assistant County Home-Demonstration Agent, 2000 - 2002

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted the head agents with general duties as assigned
  • Organized and scheduled consultation with clients
  • Prepared paperwork, outlining lectures and plans
  • Performed additional duties as requested

Associate Degree, Home Science, 1999
New York Community College, New York, USA


Available upon request

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