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Cultural Studies Teacher Resume

Being a teacher actually means being an artist- you have a blank page in front of your eyes, a page that you will have to fill with the most creative ideas that cross your mind. It implies a great deal of imagination, in order to turn a simple school subject into an interesting and thought-provoking field.


Teaching Cultural Studies is nevertheless a challenge. The term "culture" is a controversial one, and it arises many disputes. It refers to different human communities and their definite characteristics: customs, clothing, language (both verbal and non-verbal), traits which are specific to a specific community and make it unique in comparison to the other groups. There are also some sensitive aspects that Cultural Studies talk about, such as the problem of the ethnic groups and their individuality.

Taking all these into consideration, we can appreciate that the person who will teach Cultural Studies has to be very well-prepared, and not only that, but also to have a set of qualities and skills which would make his work easier. Therefore, he/ she has to be very tolerant and understanding, to permanently come up with new approaches to the classical themes, to be a very good communicator and to be able to show respect to any form of human organization.

If you think that all these qualities define you, then it is about time you thought about being a Cultural Studies teacher. Search through the job advertisements and, the most important part, create a nice and attractive resume. Here is something to get your inspiration going.

Cultural Studies Teacher Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: Frank Jones
Birth date: 2.10.1975
Address and contact details: 35 Lexington Avenue, Birmingham, England, UK,
Marital status: Married
Children: Yes, two
Driver's license: Yes


Being a Cultural Studies teacher means approaching both, the similarities and differences between various human communities, but, in the end, it is about making the students aware of the fact that all people are equal and valuable, in their specific manner.


To become a Cultural Studies teacher within the university that you are leading, so as to be granted the opportunity to put all my knowledge into practice and to use my work experience in order to make students like this subject.


Tolerant and understanding, very proficient with the teenagers, I will try to prove that the field of Cultural Studies is really worth studying.

Qualities and skills:

  • Very good communicator
  • Very proficient with young learners
  • Understanding and tolerant
  • Imaginative and creative
Other skills:

Computer literate
Foreign languages: Spanish- advanced, Italian- intermediate

Work experience:

Cultural Studies teacher, Hollow High School, Birmingham, 1995-2001

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Teach Cultural Studies to the 9th to 12th grades
  • Invent new approaches to the field
  • Watch movies and go on trips with the students

Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham, 1991-1994
Hollow High School, Birmingham, 1987-1991


Great results in working with children
Great results in organizing contests and competitions

Areas of interest:

The African culture
The East European cultures


Mrs. Felicia Grey,
Hollow High School, Birmingham,

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