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Drama Teacher Resume

Drama represents the interpretation of usually fictional events, meant for an audience. A drama teacher can work in high schools, colleges or in art schools. Such a teacher is usually in charge of training future actors, by teaching (showing them) acting principles and techniques. In order to evaluate the student's evolution in class, there should be readings conducted, or they should act a small part in a script. The teacher should know how to adapt the learning material to suit the needs or the level of those attending the class. Other things the drama teacher should know is dialects, accents, diction, voice improvement techniques, improvisation. If you like drama, and have teaching skills, you can start a drama club at a local school.


The resume of a drama teacher should point out the experience as a teacher or as an actor, or any other staff included in the making of a movie or of theater plays. All the resumes include personal details about the candidate (such as home address, at least a phone number, email address), the position they apply for, previous work places, education, references, awards received (if any), and sometimes hobbies or interests if they are relevant for the job they want. Only the experience related to teaching or acting should be mentioned in your resume over a span of two pages maximum (at times even a single page will convince the employer). Latest trend in writing a resume include a short introduction about you, very similar to a cover letter, but only of one or two short sentences.

Drama Teacher Resume Sample


HOME ADDRESS (street name and number, code, city, country)
PHONE NUMBERS (home and mobile, or any at which you can be contacted)


Seeking a position as a drama teacher at your school. I want to help creative students develop their acting skills.


An experienced drama and acting teacher, eager to start working soon, in order to share with your students my knowledge, my experience and my passion for drama and acting.


  • very good at adapting the curriculum to the needs of the students
  • excellent skills in seeing which students are made for the drama class
  • good ability in working with various people and students, of all ages
  • can teach more classes: drama, acting, play writing


  • determined the ability level of the students by asking them to perform small parts of plays
  • determined the curriculum, according to their needs
  • watching the students rehearse, so that they master the parts
  • teaching diction, accents of people coming from various countries, dialects by using voice exercises, voice drills, and other methods
  • used various tools in order to help the students understand better the techniques
  • organized various plays with the class, with the occasion of various celebrations (Christmas, July 4th)

2nd place award, at the local "COMPETITION NAME", CITY, COUNTRY


Masters Degree in Arts, UNIVERSITY NAME, YEAR


  • Available upon request.

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