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Earth Science Teacher Resume

The job of an Earth Science teacher implies passion for Earth Science along with love for the children. This line of work is not appropriate for all of us, but only for those with a vocation. It is a difficult type of job because a teacher is responsible, apart from transmitting new information about the sciences related to the planet Earth, for shaping a child's personality. An Earth Science teacher must find a way to present how the Earth system works to his or her pupils, way that can be considered interesting by the latter, because without capturing their attention and interest, it will be very difficult for an Earth Science teacher to properly do his or her job.


Earth Science Teacher Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Alexander Smith
Birth Date: 21.07.1978
Address and Contact Details: 15 Abbey Road, Westchester;
Marital Status: Married
Children: yes, three.
Driver's license: Yes


Earth science is an important part of a school's curricula as it presents how the Earth evolved to its current state and how this system works. It is important for our children to know this, because in this way they will learn to value the planet and become responsible in their relation to Mother Nature. As the purpose of education is to produce responsible and well-educated young people, then what better way to do that than through Earth science.


To become an Earth Science teacher at your school, to help children understand the importance of Earth Science in their life and to shape them into becoming responsible human beings in relationship to nature.


I posses sound knowledge of life cycles, geology, ecology and other related topics and I can transmit this knowledge to children through efficient teaching methods.

Qualities and Skills

  • Emphatic personality
  • Patient and understanding
  • Creative personality
  • Resistance to stress
  • Flexibility
  • Good communication skills, both in writing and verbal
  • Very good presentation skills
Other skills

Good knowledge of the MS Office pack (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Internet, Outlook


English: reading advanced, writing advanced, speaking advanced
German: reading beginner, writing beginner, speaking beginner

Work Experience

High School Teacher at a Catholic high school in Westchester, 2006-2010

Duties and responsibilities

  • Teaching Earth science to pupils
  • Providing appropriate learning experiences to students
  • Conducting outdoor experiments
  • Supervising the annual Earth science fair
  • Organizing trips
High School Teacher at a public high school in Westchester, 2003-2006

Duties and responsibilities

  • Teach Earth science to pupils
  • Providing appropriate learning experiences for students
  • Conducting outdoor experiments
  • Helping with personal needs of children
  • Master's Degree of Education in Earth Sciences, West Chester University
  • Bachelor's Degree in Geology, West Chester University
  • Children's Psychology course
  • Good results in working with high school pupils, at both locations
  • Created Earth science lab and improved the pupils experience with experiments
  • Established good relations with some of their parents
Areas of Interest
  • Pedagogy
  • Earth Science
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Maps

James Edouard Mandrake
Director of the Catholic High School, in Westchester

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