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Law Teacher Resume

One might think that the career of a teacher may be relatively easy to build, but it is not so. Many people think that if they follow the necessary educational steps, they can become a good teacher, but there is more to being a teacher than this. It is very important that you have the passion for teaching. It takes a lot of sacrifice and patience, ambition and perseverance, very good presentation and communication skills, imagination and creativity, together with diplomacy and tact. You have to like shaping new personalities, permanently come up with new and updated information as well as innovative methods and strategies.


As a Law teacher, your responsibilities are even bigger. The aspects that are connected to laws and legal backgrounds are extremely important for any citizen of a country to know, as we run into legal matters many a times. In order to pursue your career as a law teacher, the minimum qualifications is that you must be a graduate in law or any higher degree in law. Below is a sample law teacher resume that will guide you in constructing your resume for the relevant post.

The Law Teacher Resume

Contact Details

Name: Letitia Moore
Address: 25 Lexeter Avenue, Chicago, USA
Email address:
Home phone: 698-789-4578
Cell phone: 968-745-7878

Career Objective

Seeking for the position of a law teacher in your institution, and to prove my skills, knowledge, and my experience. I can make students see how important laws are within an organized society. I have an experience of more than 6 years in this field with excellent communication and presentation skills. I am sure that my interaction with your students would prove to be a fruitful for the institute.

Qualities and skills

  • Patient and calm
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ambitious and well organized
  • Imaginative and creative
  • Able to handle multiple task effectively
  • Good knowledge of the computer, especially MS Office (Word, Excel and Power Point)
  • Quickly adaptable to any change in the environment
  • Excellent motivator and enthusiastic

Work experience

Designation: Law Teacher
Organization Name: Bridgeton High School, Chicago, United States
Duration:October 2007–Till Date

Duties and responsibilities

  • Come up with innovative strategies of teaching
  • Evaluate the papers of the students and prepare results thereafter
  • Make sure that the students understand the lesson
  • Prepare materials and notes for further discussions
  • Review the course documents and other materials
  • Help the colleagues in completing their targets
  • Maintain discipline during class activities
  • Organize visits to the local courtrooms
  • Prepare power point presentations and explain them to the students
  • Prepare on-line test papers to evaluate the performance of the students
  • Acts as a counselor for students in their career building
  • Assign activities to students and make sure that they complete on time
  • Conduct the research activities

Designation: Associate Law Teacher Organization Name: Bridgeton High School, Chicago, United States Duration:October 2005–September 2007

Duties and responsibilities

  • Help the law teacher in completing their duties
  • Prepare an overall report at the end the day and submit it to the head of the department
  • Maintain the records of students and their activities
  • Make sure that there is a cordial relationship between the students
  • Help the other workers in completing their target

Educational Qualifications

  • Master's degree in Law from University of Chicago, United States in the year 2004
  • Bachelor's degree in Law from University of Chicago, United States in the year 2002
  • High School Diploma from Bridgeton High School, United States in the year 1999


  • Received the best performer of the year in 2009 from Bridgeton High School, Chicago, United States
  • Received 6 consecutive best performer of the month in the year 2009 from Bridgeton High School, Chicago, United States

Areas of interest

Commercial Law
Name: Scott Steris
Designation: Principal
Organization: ABC High School, Big City, United States
Phone No: 765-987-8989

Name: Mathew Joseph
Designation: Senior Law Teacher
Organization: XYZ School, Georgina, United States
Phone No: 963-852-1478

Other personal details

  • Birth Date: 11 January 1980
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: None
  • Driver's License: Yes, B category

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