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Math Teacher Resume

Being a math teacher for high school, middle- or elementary-school students requires certain credentials, but also the ability to manage and plan for a classroom of youngsters. There are a few main requirements for teaching mathematic, but teachers may vary with different effective approaches.


A mathematics teacher specializes in the field of math and then instructs.

These professionals must possess a strong interest in teaching and have excellent knowledge of the subject. They are responsible for demonstrating equations, numeric functions and various math principles to students. Math teachers also help students to figure out causes and effects, think hypothetically, verify solutions and understand mathematical structures.

Mathematics teachers must complete and pass a training program for teaching and must have a bachelor's degree in mathematics.

Here is how the resume of a mathematics teacher should look like.

Math Teacher Resume Sample

Steven Caldwell
124 Mangum Street
California, USA.
Ph: 456-012-345-000

Personal Details

Name: Steven Caldwell
Birth Date: 4th May 1979
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To better facilitate the learning process for students in the area of mathematics and to develop a good relationship with them.

Education and Professional Training

  • Bachelors' degree in psychology, University of Illinois, Chicago in 2001
  • Master's degree in mathematics, University of Illinois, Chicago in 2003
  • Certification in mathematics (from the 7th to the 12th grade)
  • Excellent ability to explain complicated mathematical concepts in an easily understandable manner
  • Ability to employ unique teaching strategies to engage all students and foster a fascinating and fun learning environment
  • Encouraging and patient nature
  • Willingness to provide extracurricular and individualized support for students who are struggling to learn mathematical topics and concepts
  • Ability to produce a friendly and supportive atmosphere for students and parents alike
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
Professional Experience and Projects

2008-Present date: Mathematics teacher at Johnson High School, Chicago, IL

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Planning and executing lesson plans for the following classes: probability and statistics, algebra, college geometry and math concept.
  • Restructuring classroom strategy in order to reproduce the style of classroom administration for consensus-building
  • Working against 'senioritis' with the help of supportive learning and teaching students to test themselves
  • Inspiring students to be more enthusiastic about mathematics by inviting speakers who explained the significance of mathematics in their professions
  • Evaluating the daily advancement of students in mathematics concepts class
  • Using Macintosh spreadsheets to record the grades
200-2004: Substitute mathematics teacher at Freedom High School, Chicago, IL

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Teaching intro to calculus and trigonometry
  • Implementing stimulating lectures to capture the attention and interest of students
  • Creating and administering weekly quizzes and monthly tests to track student progress
  • Offering after-school tutoring to students who struggled with the concepts in order to improve their problem-solving skills and their critical thinking
  • Participating in various extra-curricular activities
  • Attending all professional development workshops and attending all staff meetings
  • Developing thematic units that incorporated real world examples to consolidate important concepts, introduce new materials and encourage student learning
  • Introduced graphing calculators to high school students
  • Participated in the organization of a math camp for underprivileged students
Areas of interest
  • Mathematics
  • Technology
  • Child psychology
  • Physics

Available upon request.

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