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Physics Teacher Resume

Physics is an extremely interesting subject, if you are someone who enjoys discovering the world that you live in and the laws that govern it. It is fascinating to see how the great theories concerning gravity, the Universe, the other planets, have been developed. And it is also fascinating how the world that we live in is a coherent one, in which every phenomenon has an explanation.


Every mechanic or physical phenomenon happens for a reason, and it is this reason which should attract our attention. Unlike Literature, which lets our imagination wander without any boundary, Physics is a rather exact science. There is no doubt about its laws, and they can rarely be interpreted. That is why this subject usually attracts those persons who are rather technical, and who like to read and learn about exact facts.

For students, Physics can sometimes be very difficult to understand, as it involves a great deal of Mathematics and precision. That is why the Physics teachers must have the necessary tact and patience so as to not only give information to the students, but also to explain it thoroughly and to provide all the necessary examples in order to ease the pupils' understanding.

If you think that you could have that patience and tact, together with very good communication skills, an dynamic personality and the right academic preparation, then maybe you should think of becoming a Physics teacher. If you do opt for this career, then here is an idea of how your resume should look like.

Physics teacher resume

Personal details:
Name: Robert Addison
Birth date: 4.04.1980
Address and contact details: 85 Watson Lane, New York, USA,
Marital status: Married
Children: Yes, two
Driver's license: Yes.


To become a Physics teacher in your school, and thus to use my previous experience in order to teach the students about the reality which is surrounding them and about the interesting laws which are governing it.


Ambitious and perseverant, patient and organized, I am very proficient with children and I enjoy seeing how the new information makes them grow as human beings. I have no doubt that Physics will arouse curiosity in their young minds.

Qualities and skills:

  • Self-disciplined and organized
  • Tolerant and understanding
  • Good communication skills
  • Good knowledge of my field

Other skills:

Computer literate
Languages: French- advanced, Italian- intermediate

Work experience:

Physics teacher, The Daytona High School, New York, 1999-2004

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Teach Physics to children
  • Manage the available teaching materials and equipment
  • Attract the students' attention by coming up with new methods


Bachelor's degree in Physics at the University of New York, 1995-1999
The North High School, New York, 1991-1995


Great results in working with children
Great results within the national students' contests

Areas of interest:



Mr. Paul White,
The Daytona High School, New York,

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