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Psychology Teacher Resume

It takes a great deal of preparation and commitment in order to become a teacher, as your responsibilities will not be among the easiest ones. It will be up to you to make beautiful statues out of a rough material, and to offer the students both factual and procedural knowledge.


The Psychology teacher has all these qualities and a few more. Like a doctor with his patients, he has to tackle the sensitive subject of the human nature, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, inner processes, and to put them into such words so that they could become easily accessible to the young minds.

Being a Psychology teacher means not just simply teaching, but also doing a lot of practical activities, and to ask the students to analyze themselves and the others in the light of what you have taught them. Their understanding of the concepts and theories related to the psychological life will very much depend on the accuracy of the information that you give them. And they can find a solution to many of their problems by listening to your words.

Therefore, a Psychology teacher is supposed to be a very methodical and organized person, patient with each and every student, a very good communicator and listener and a person who is very proficient with the knowledge that he/ she is passing on.

If you think that you are all these and you have just found a Psychology teacher opening within a school in your area, then all there is to do is build a convincing resume. Here is a starting point.

Psychology teacher resume

Personal details:
Name: Sarah Jones
Birth date: 12.09.1974
Address and contact details: 344 Kensington Lane, New York,
Marital status: Married
Children: 3 children
Driver's license: Yes


My main objective at the present moment is to become a Psychology teacher in your school and, this way, to teach the students about the importance of knowing ourselves and the others. I want to share a series of information with my future students, which I hope will be of great help to them, throughout their whole life.


Calm and patient, responsible and organized, I am looking forward to use my innovative teaching strategies and techniques in order to make Psychology an attractive subject.

Qualities and skills:

Emphatic person
Good communication skills
Patient and methodical

Other skills:
Very proficient with the computer



Work experience:

Elementary school teacher, Bridgeton School, New York, 2000-2007
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Teaching History to 5th to 8th grades
  • Creating new approaches to history
  • Organized trips to important historical sites


Bachelor's degree in History at the New York University
Master's degree in Psychology, New York University
Pedagogic high scool, New York


Great results in working with children
Great results within national student's contests

Areas of interest:

Public Relations


Mrs. Barbara Black,
Bridgeton School, New York,

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