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School Principal Resume

The school principal is one of the school administrators and shoulders multiple and complex responsibilities. He has to generate, implement and evaluate strategies which are necessary for the betterment of the educational process. He is responsible for maintaining a disciplined climate within the institution that he is leading and make sure that everyone follows the rules and regulations set by the institute. The school principal also has to supervise the activity of the teachers and provide them with all the necessary resources and assistance. The candidate applying for the post of school principal needs to have rich experience in teaching or handling school administration as the post demands an efficient administrator. He should be innovative and should have the extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of educational science. Moreover, knowledge of the relevant computer applications has become an important criterion in the selection process, and it should be present in the school principal resume.


Here are two sample school principal resume. The resume should both look and sound professional. There should be a mention to the relevant key strengths and competencies of the candidate along with the relevant professional experience.

Sample School Principal Resume

Personal details:

Name: William Blake
Birth date: 1.09.1980
Address: 32 Falls Street, Chicago, Illinois
Marital status: Married
Driver's license: Yes

Job Objective

Looking for the challenging post of a school principal in a reputed school and thus to use my knowledge and skills in order to respect and develop the traditions of the institution and contribute to the character building process of the institution.

Qualities and skills

  • Rich experience of school administration
  • Good administration and management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Judgment and decision-making skills
  • Financial resources management skills
  • Knowledge of public safety and security
  • Perseverance and dedication towards work
  • Knowledge of principles of personnel and human resources management
  • Excellent management and organizational skills
  • Innovativeness which helps in the betterment o the educational process of the institute
  • Ability to work hard and handle stressful situations efficiently
  • Computer literate
  • Knowledge of human behavior and performance
  • Knowledge of different philosophical systems and religions
Other skills:

Foreign languages: German (advanced), French (intermediate)

Work Experience

History teacher, The Win High School, Chicago, 1999–2007

Duties and Responsibilities included

  • Teaching History to high school
  • Organizing study trips
  • Coming up with new ideas and techniques

Vice Principal, Chicago Public school
Chicago, Illinois

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting and teachers and students in resolving problems
  • Making budgets or grant proposals to solicit program funding
  • Administrate distribution of funds for various requirements like staff, material and equipments
  • Teach classes or courses if any teacher is absent
  • Setting up new educational standards and goals and making policies to achieve them
  • Prepare and maintain reports like attendance, activity, planning, accounting, or personnel and records for officials and agencies, or direct preparation and maintenance activities
  • Writing article manuals and other literature publications and help in distribution of promotional literature about programs and facilities
  • Maintaining interpersonal communications and relations with school board officials


  • Bachelor's degree in History at the University of Chicago
  • Post graduate degree in History at the University of Chicago
  • Research Fellowship in Pre historic at the University of Chicago
  • Bachelorís degree in Education at the University of Chicago
  • Certification course in child psychology
  • Advance certification course in Educational Administration


Great results in communicating with people
Great results within the national students' contests

Areas of interest:

Public relations
Human resources


Adam Scott,
School Principal
The Win High School, Chicago

Peter Flinch
Chicago Public School
School Principal

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