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Social Work Teacher Resume

As a social work teacher, one would have to teach students about social work and welfare. The field being very large, the teacher has to provide students with as much information as possible and also make them aware of the various fields they can specialize in. Social administration, human behavior, social policies and human welfare are some of the areas in the field of social work. Most teachers or lecturers specialize in any one of the areas. Their job includes preparing for lectures, delivering lectures, get students involved in classroom discussions, grading and administration of the examinations. A good social work teacher resume should include all the skills necessary to perform the job.


For every lesson, the teacher has to establish some objectives that have to be achieved. It is also the teacher's responsibility to compile bibliographies of specialized materials and offer the students the necessary learning materials. After each study step, the social work teacher has to evaluate and grade the student's class work, assignments, and papers. Based on the results; the teacher either moves on to the next topic or returns with more information and examples on the existing ones if the concepts are not clear. During lessons and different activities in the classroom, laboratory or on the field, the teacher has to closely monitor the students progress and supervise and guide them in the right direction. In this field, the social work teacher has to conduct research and publish findings, advise students on career issues, write grant proposals with the purpose of procuring external research funding, participate in campus and community events, and if necessary, they also provide professional consulting services.

Candidates have to first decide whether teaching about social work and welfare is what they wish to do in future and then draft an effective resume in order to apply for the job. The below resume would give you a hint on how to draft an effective resume. Candidate's organization skills, teaching and training abilities backed with good knowledge in the specific field with a good education degree hold very important in this profile. These pointers would form the major highlight of your resume.

Sample Social Work Teacher Resume

Personal Details:

Name: Jamie Taylor
Birth date: 25.05.1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To become a successful social work teacher and to share my knowledge and experience with my students, making them great social workers


Caring about people, with great organizational skills, as well as teaching and training abilities; I am looking forward to teach in your college and to achieve great results with my future students.


  • Good experience in providing a wide variety of social work services to residents
  • Strong interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Good teaching experience

Work Experience:

Social work teacher
Social Work University, New York, 2001-2010

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Managing high risk situations
  • Developing lessons plans
  • Attending meetings and campus and community events
  • Evaluating student's results


Bachelor of Science in Social Work, New York University, 2000


Have achieved good results in working with students Developed and improved interpersonal skills

Areas of Interest:

Social Work


Jon Olivier
Social Work University

It is advisable to add contact details in the beginning of the resume. Personal details can either be listed in the beginning or in the end. When listing the contact details one should include details such as their name, address (complete postal address); along with the zip code, contact telephone number or cell phone number and email address. This information should be in legible font or a slightly bigger font than your resume as it becomes easy for employers to trace the candidate in case they are shortlisted for the next round of interview. While drafting a social work teacher resume one should be professional and make sure that your resume is not lengthy or contains irreverent information. Being precise, effective and impressive are some of the qualities of a good resume and one should follow all these steps to create a mark on your future employer.

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