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Special Education Teacher Resume

A special education teacher has to teach youth with physical disabilities both at the basic and the advanced levels. For children with hearing or speech disabilities, the teacher has to learn and use special techniques to read lips or sign language and eventually, reading and writing in Braille. The teacher must be able to teach children these special communication systems. In some cases, the students can also be adults that have lost their eyesight at certain points in life. In addition, the teacher must be prepared as any teacher to teach primary school subjects (math, literature, physics, chemistry, geography, history, foreign languages, etc).


The special education teacher has to make a curriculum, to set objectives for each lessons and to evaluate the student's results and performance. In addition to instruments used in general by any teacher, the special education teacher must consider the special needs of his students. Text readers, voice activation software, special equipment for the method of writing and printing in Braille, are just some examples of tools used in teaching.

If you are interested in teaching students with special needs make sure you presented your great abilities of teaching and of understanding the needs of your students. A great advantage will be to possess knowledge in advanced teaching methodology, psychology or speech therapy.

Special Education Teacher Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Edina Smith
Birth date: 27.05.1983
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Special education teachers work with children, youth and adults who have some disabilities. Their job is to teach students elementary things and the ways of becoming independent. They will make students discover their abilities as well as their limits and will help them have a purpose in life.


To become a special education teacher in your school and to work with your students, changing their lives for the better.


Experienced, patient and creative with developed knowledge about people with disabilities I am excited to be a part of your team and to make a difference in your student's behavior.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of children's psychology
  • Computer skills
  • Ability of dealing with different types of behavior
  • Dynamic, emphatic and creative personality
  • Working knowledge of the Braille script
Work Experience

Special Education Teacher, Public Minneapolis School, 2002-2010

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Planning, and conducting lesson
  • Maintaining discipline in the classroom
  • Observing and assessing students performance
  • Observing students' behavior
  • Providing special materials for students

Bachelor's Degree in Special Education, Minneapolis University, Minneapolis, 2001


  • Collaborated with parents and teachers
  • Obtained great results in working with students
  • Assisted in classroom management, developed lesson plans
  • Evaluated the students' results and progress
Areas of interest

Special Education


Raul Newman
Public Minneapolis School

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