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Teacher For Emotionally Impaired Resume

Emotionally disturbed is a medical term that refers to children with behavioral and emotional problems. These children suffer from some abnormal issues and are considered to be different from the others around them. Children suffering from ED, the abbreviation for emotional disturbed, have a different view upon the world and as a result they tend to live in their own universe. Thus this has a great impact on the academic performances, they cannot behave in an acceptable manner or socialize with the family and friends.


You must know that these children do not suffer from a disease, they just have difficulty in learning and in performing other things. Moreover, the child finds it very hard to make a connection with his own parents. The child that suffers from ED tends to be most of the time depressed, unhappy and tends to become anxious regarding going to school. It is rather simple to recognize a child with such problems by the fact that he or she acts different in the normal circumstances. You must know that, in most cases, these children come from environments where they are minorities, poor or come from broken families.

It is crystal clear that all these symptoms must be certified by a specialized psychologist. In order to apply for a job as a teacher for the emotionally impaired children, you must know how to write your resume.

Personal Details
Name: Miranda Van
Birth Date: 28.03.1965
Address and Contact Details: 55 East Lane, Detroit;
Marital Status: Married
Children: yes, one
Driver's license: Yes


Aspiring to become a teacher at your school and to help the students using my experience in educating children. Moreover, I will try to become their friend and to provide them with the moral support that they need. I will try to maintain a behavioral system for students and to provide them with various choices so that they can accommodate and start learning in an effective way.


With a great amount of experience and knowledge as a teacher and working with children at different ages, I am a good communicator and I am able to face all the challenges and tasks given. No matter how hard it is, I will always find a way to help these children. I will try my best to monitor every pupil's progress.

Qualities and Skills

  • An understanding person
  • Patient and sociable
  • Ability to work with all children at different ages
  • Creative and friendly personality
  • Able to cope with stressful situations
  • Excellent communication skills, writing and verbal

Other skills

  • Fluent in English, Spanish and Hungarian
  • English- proficiency, Spanish- Advanced, Hungarian-Advanced
  • Ability to work with computer software

Work Experience

Kindergarten Teacher in Chicago, 1989-2004
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Teaching English and Spanish for beginners
  • Supervise the children
  • Entertain the small children using exercises or games
  • Help all the children with their personal needs
  • Organizing celebrations at Christmas, Easter
  • Sing and dance, practice sports with the smaller children

Warren Mott High School, Chicago, 2005-2010
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Teaching English Grammar and Literature to 9th to 12th grades
  • Organizing the lessons following a teaching plan
  • Organizing different events in the school together with the children
  • Organizing Literature Seminars


Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and High School Teaching at New York University
Children's Psychology Course
Pedagogic High School, Chicago


Good results in working with children of all ages
Established good relations with the pupils

Areas of Interest

Teaching to children with disabilities
English Literature


Hannah Austen
Warren Mott Kindergarten, Chicago

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