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Teacher for the Mentally Impaired Resume Template

Teachers for the mentally impaired are special teachers who work with students that have certain mental problems. They give those students special attention and treatment, teach them basic academic and living skills in order to integrate them as full members of the society.


Teachers must adopt the curriculum to the special needs of the students has to create a plan for every lesson. They have to use different methods. They have to possess experience in working with children and it is better for you to know that usually, after special courses, normal teachers can get this job. As a teacher for the mentally impaired, one has to be able to understand the mentally impaired, has to have great patience and has to use games, music, visual aids, stories, experiments in his lessons because these are some of the most successful ways of getting the students' attention and making them memorize new information and convert it into skills.

Besides skills, duties and responsibilities that are required for any teacher, a teacher for the mentally impaired has some more, such as: being very creative and spontaneous, being able to create opportunities for immediate learning and others.

If you have the required experience, if you are interested in applying for such a job and if you possess the above mentioned skills, then it is very important to know how to present them. For that we are offering a sample resume.

Teacher for the Mentally Impaired Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Ingrid Johnson
Birth Date: 24.05.1978
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Teaching students with mental dysfunctions is a job more than important because, if one accepts this challenge, he may be able to change lives by transforming these children into independent persons, capable of accomplishing tasks on their own on a regular basis.


To work as a teacher for the mentally impaired in your school and demonstrate my great interpersonal skills and my talent in teaching, obtaining great results with the students I will work with.


Patient, hard working, strongly motivated, creative and perseverant, I am looking forward to using all my experience and knowledge in teaching these children about life and creating new opportunities for them.


  • Ability to work with children; resistance to stress
  • Teaching experience
  • Knowledge about mentally impaired needs
  • Able to set and accomplish objectives
  • Wide knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum planning
  • Capability of working in a team and to cooperate with parents and other specialists for the students' benefits.
  • Solid knowledge of human behavior
  • Able to understand their needs

Work Experience

Teacher for the mentally impaired 2008-2010
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Creating individual educational programs for my students in order to develop individual development. Planning curriculum, lessons and special education programs
  • Using special methods in every day lessons
  • Maintaining records of all activities and using it to further improve the quality of teaching
  • Evaluating the results and working to improve them.

Bachelor's Degree at Boston University, 2004
Masters in Psychology at Vanderbilt University, 2007

Obtained great results with mentally impaired students

Robert Karner,
Elementary school, Boston

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