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Technical Resume

If you are a technical person belonging to any engineering or information technology discipline, then you are someone who needs a technical resume. As the name implies, the technical resume is very detailed and filled with technical features. Writing a technical resume needs extra skills as it is different than any other standard resume, because you have to add your technical proficiency of your respective field. For an Information Technology person, you will have to add your knowledge about hardware, networking, software and trouble-shooting capabilities. Engineering discipline will highlight knowledge about different tools, machineries and equipments used in the trade.


The challenge in writing technical resume lies in communicating your technical abilities that can be understood by the potential employers. As a technical person, it is accepted that you are use industry jargon in your resume. However, let me make you aware of the fact that your resume is first read by a person from the human resources, who is not holding a technical qualification. No doubt, your interview will be taken by a technical person but then, your resume should give you all the opportunities to meet that person. A technical resume should therefore be drafted keeping in mind this important factor that could be crucial in getting shortlisted for the job.

Draft your resume targeting a layman. Translate your technical abilities into a layman's term. The translation, however, should not change the meaning of your accomplishment. If you are facing problems in translating your technical expertise into simple terms, you will find help from experts or peers to draft the most effective resume.

Every year thousands of people are graduating with a technical qualification. If you really want to swim across the sea of competition, you need to make your technical resume effective. Consider your resume as a key that can usher you to the door of the employment. The resume should lay out your personal qualities, achievements and experiences, including your educational details and your work history. The key in grabbing the reader's attention lies in organizing the details in a chronological format. The structure of the resume should allow the readers to understand its contents at a glance.

Regardless of your technical background, your resume should highlight keywords that are most used in the profession. A technical resume for computer discipline would include words and phrases such as hardware, programming, peripherals, networking, servers, software, etc. If you are writing a technical writer resume, then you need to include words like reports, software and user manuals, pamphlets, proposals, quotations, and research reports. For technical jobs where research work is done, you must include words such as knowledge of the tools and equipments used in the laboratory, scientific research, and project report to attract the reader's attention.

Your technical resume should be attractive. It should include your name, contact details like phone number and email address at the top. Below your contact details, you must write your career objective. You can pick any one skill that is prominent or important in your job and make a sentence that can define your proficiency and desire to excel in it.

After your career objective, you must provide a summary of your technical skills under any one heading 'Summary of Skills', 'Professional Summary', or 'Technical Expertise'. Divide your skills and expertise into different subheads like Networking, Programming, Research, etc.

Following the summary of skills, list your work experience in a chronological manner starting with the most-recent job held. Mention the name of the company, the designation you hold, and the duration of your work. Type the responsibilities you have performed and your achievements with a bullet mark. This will make reading easier.

Then type your education details again starting with the latest certifications or bachelor's/master's degree you possess. Write about your training program and project work. If you are able to provide any references, add it below educational details.

We understand there are different technical job profiles. It is impossible to cover all those detail under one page. That is why we are providing a list of all technical resume samples below with an independent link for each. Pick and click on your interest to read the resume. Make necessary changes to it as per your job profile and the demands of the job. We wish you all the best for your job hunt.

Following are the technical sample resumes:

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