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Amusement Machine Mechanic Resume

Amusement machines include jukeboxes, pinball machines, or video game machines, or even slot machines, specially made for entertainment purposes. They can be found on recreational sites and at special entertaining events and are usually administrated by vending machine service companies.


The amusement machine mechanic resume is the resume of employees of these small companies that have to verify, test, maintain, and repair amusement machines, so that they work properly at all times. Here is a list of roles and responsibilities of a person applying for this job:

  • The main forte of individuals applying for this job should be technical knowledge related to hardware of machines and their repairing and maintenance
  • They have to make sure that the games remain fair and accurate and in compliance with federal and state regulations and that, the jukebox selection lists are updated
  • Their first and the most important task is to check the amusement machines regularly
  • Preventive maintenance is important for such companies because their products become more reliable
  • Mechanical repairs, maintenance, and management of the machines are the other important parts of the job

Amusement machines mechanics need to understand specific technicalities relating to the machines and usage of specific tools for getting the job done. In most of the cases, amusement machines are electrical and require computerized diagnosis, but technical manuals and diagrams are of great help when this method is not working. Therefore, amusement machine mechanics need to know how to use such materials that are given to them. The resume of an amusement machine mechanic has to emphasize on the technical and mechanical skills. Education is not relevant, but vocational training programs are an advantage. Below is a sample amusement machine mechanic resume for your convenience. Utilize it appropriately and prepare your own resume to get started on your hunt for a job as an amusement machine mechanic. Mention your contact details such as name, address, phone number, email address, and other relevant data such as your education, vocational training, and prior job experiences.

Amusement Machine Mechanic Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Jim Carry
Birth date: 14/ 5/1973
Address: 201 Ralph McGill Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA
Phone Number: 203 972 5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's license: No


My objective is to perform my job as amusement machines mechanic in your company and to provide the best services for your clients. I am very passionate in handling amusement machines and I am sure I can contribute to the improvement of the company's profit.


  • Technical and mechanical competencies
  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Crafting talent
  • Physical abilities
  • Self Motivated
  • Hard working individual with the habit of working for long hours
  • Experience in working overtime
  • Ardent admirer of machines and extreme interest in their maintenance
  • Handy with hardware tools and apt knowledge related to their usage
  • Always punctual and disciplined in completing the given task on time
  • Regular in attendance
  • Strict follower and awareness of company policies

Computer knowledge

MS Office applications, Internet browsing, intense hardware knowledge related to computers and other machines

Work Experience

Amusement Machines Mechanic, 1995&ndashpresent
Star Vending Company, Atlanta, USA

Responsibilities fulfilled during the job

  • In charge of installing hardware of the machines
  • Troubleshooting of the machines
  • Maintaining and repairing amusement machines
  • Keeping the amusement machines clean and functional
  • Handling specific tools, including diagnosis computers
  • Keeping records of repairs
  • In charge of transportation of machines from one place to another
  • Solved all grievances and issues pertaining to the amusement machines

Education and Training

Vocational certificate in Amusement Machines, University of California, CA, USA, 20xx
High School Degree in Electronics, Atlanta University, Atlanta, USA, 20xx


  • Received the 'Most Consistent Employee' award at Star Vending Company for 100% attendance, 20xx
  • For an extensive period, I have been able to offer my knowledge and abilities to clients in keeping their amusement machines in good working conditions and I have best represented the image of the company

Areas of interest

Mechanics, electronics, vending machines, business, computer hardware, and electronic circuitry


Mr. Dan Smith
Star Vending Company
Atlanta, USA

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