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Audit Machine Operator Resume

There might be many questions raised regarding the job of an Audit Machine Operator. The duties that the job involves include operating the machines that automatically perform certain mathematical processes, like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division in order to calculate and to record the billing, statistical, accounting and other kinds of numerical data. The duties of an audit machine operator also include using the specially created billing machines to create the bills, statements and the invoices. There is also need to operate the book-keeping machines in order to copy and post the data, compile the records and make computations. In case you are looking for a job like this then you should include in your resume information regarding the prior experience that you have in this field and the education that you have received regarding the economic sciences and the trainings that you have attended. There is always a need of highly trained and experienced Audit Machine Operators who are looking for immediate employment. They should be equipped with solid knowledge regarding accounting and billing procedures and knowledge regarding the operation of the machines that are being used in the process. Good communication skills and leadership qualities are a great trait to posses as well.


Here is a list of jobs and duties that the audit machine operator is expected to practice:

  • Adding sales slips or register tapes with the help of an electrically powered auditing machine
  • Calculating the subtotals for the individual sales departments and also the types of sales
  • Verifying the daily and periodic balance against the predetermined figures
  • Answering the questions and inquiries of the customers
  • Accepting the payment for charges in case of store card, opened charge accounts or sold gift certificates

Below are few points that should be included in a sample outlook of an Audit Machine Operator Resume.

Name In Bold

Write your Full Address and Contact Information.


Mention your career goal or your job objective.

Educational Qualifications

In this section, you will provide the details of your entire educational qualifications like name of your university and the name of the degree pursued in college. Details of co curricular activities and certificates received can also be mentioned in this section.

Work Experience (If applicable)

You can provide information of your previous employer's name, address, contact information, job designation, and letters of recommendation under this category.

Summer training and Internships pertinent to the job designation can also be mentioned here, as it would have a positive influence on the hiring manager.

Mention each detail correctly in the documents that you have provided for verification. Never hesitate to mention any detail that is relevant towards the job to which you are applying and devote ample time to draft a professional and planned resume.


In the conclusion, do not forget to thank the hiring manager for taking out the time to view your profile. It should start with a formal salutation enquiring that you hope to hear from them soon.

Sample Audit Machine Operator Resume

Personal Details

Name: Joanna Right Birth Date: 16 July 1985 Nationality: American Driver's License: Yes


My primary objective is to obtain the job of Audit Machine Operator at your company and prove the abilities and skills that I have gathered through my experience.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Solid knowledge of billing procedures
  • Accuracy and efficiency
  • Ability to develop good working relationships with the rest of the staff and superiors
  • Knowledge regarding computer science

Work Experience

Customer Service Clerk, 2007–2009
Bernard's Department Store, Big City, USA
Audit Machine Operator, 2009–present
Bernard's Department Store, Big City, USA


A.A. Business
Big City Community College, Big City, USA


  • I was awarded the 'employee of the month' award while working for Bernard's Department Store
  • I was also promoted from clerk to audit machine operator due to my constant devotion towards the job

Areas of Interest

Business management


Carla Smith
General Manager
Bernard's Department Store, Big City, USA

I am grateful that you took the time to view my profile and hope that I will hear from you as soon as possible. Kindly get in touch with me regarding any doubts whatsoever. My phone number is 860-975-8732 and email address is

Yours Sincerely
Joanna Right
(Cover letter and Letter of Recommendation enclosed)

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