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Automotive Body Repairer Resume

The main duty of an automotive body repairer is to repair a wrecked or damaged car. The job of an automotive body repairer involves removing the dents in case a car has been involved in an accident. There are numerous different tools that might be used. In some cases, a dent might be repaired with an anvil and a hammer. In case there is only a small dent, then it could be filled with putty to achieve a smooth surface. Later, the putty will be sanded down.


If you feel like this is the right job for you, then you should create the right resume for it. You should include in it prior work experience that you have with working with cars and the education that you have received regarding this field of work and the trainings and courses that you have attended.

Sample Automotive Body Repairer Resume

Personal Details
Name: Raymond Jenkins
Birth Date: 18 April 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking the job of Automotive Body Repairer at your company where I would be able to prove to you the skills and the experience that I have in this field.


Highly trained and experienced Automotive Body Repairer with solid knowledge regarding the methods and techniques used in the field and also with knowledge regarding the use of the appropriate tools, looking for immediate employment.

Skills and Competencies

  • Knowledge regarding the handling of dents
  • Knowledge regarding the use of tools and equipment
  • Passion for cars
  • Over 6 years of experience in this domain
  • Knowledge of various repair methods
  • Good production and processing knowledge
  • Good knowledge of overall construction of automobiles
  • Knowledge of safety precautions and occupational hazards
  • Ability to use wielding equipments
  • Ability to install windshields and car glasses
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to determine priorities and assigning work
  • Knowledge of minor electrical circuitry
  • Ability to work independently
  • Complex Problem Solving ability

Work Experience

Automotive Body Repairer, 2009 to present
Auto Care Inc., Tarrytown, NY

Job Duties:

  • Examining the damaged cars and preparing the cost estimates of the repairs
  • Requisition of the supplies and parts
  • Maintaining the record of the activities
  • Installation of car accessories and equipment
  • Replacing, repairing and bumping out the damaged areas
  • Aligning the bodies, frames and doors
  • Maintenance of work activity and repair records
  • Filling the dents with body plastic
  • Adjustment and alignment of headlight, wheels and brake system
  • Painting of repaired surface using spray guns and motorized sanders
  • Replacement of damaged glass on vehicles
  • Removing pits and dents from cars body using hammer and punches
  • Alignment of brakes and wheels

Automotive Body Repairer Apprentice, 2005 to 2009
Auto Care Inc., Tarrytown, NY

Job Duties:

  • Prepare the surfaces to be painted
  • Remove the old paint with the help of electronic or air sanders
  • Remove the dents from the body and the fenders
  • Mix and match the body paints
  • Repair the damaged seat covers
  • Remove the graffiti from the cars
  • Check and repair dust and water leaks
  • Execute other related works as assigned
  • Prepare cost and material estimates
  • Alignment of doors, hoods and windows for proper fit
  • Assisted in making repair and work activity records
  • Executed work related duties as assigned
  • Fitting and welding replacement parts into place using wielding equipments


  • High School Diploma
  • Bachelor degree in Automobile repair and designing
  • Intensive course in Automotive Body repair
  • Certificate in Collision Repair


Building a car from parts
American Association of Automotive Mechanics


Bob Wayne
Auto Care Inc., Tarrytown, NY

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