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Automotive Glass Installer Resume

The main job of an automotive glass installer is to install, repair and replace the safety glass and other kinds of related materials, like the back glass heating elements of the vehicles and equipments. The main aim of a resume is to emphasize on your desirable traits ands training and education. With an aptly written resume, your automotive glass installer resume gets an edge over the others.

In order to be able to do the job, you need to get the windshields or the windows for the cars from stock and make sure that they don't have any defects before they get installed. There is also a need to make sure that there is no dirt, foreign matter or loose glass after which the primer needs to be applied on the windshield or on the window edges and these needs to dry.


What will the employers look for?

  • An individual should be responsible towards work as well as working with a broader team
  • An individual should easily and effectively communicate with the team and customers if it is an onsite job
  • Representing the firm efficiently

A thorough background check about the company which includes its policies, people who founded it and other important facts about the organization is a must. Knowledge of these small yet important points helps a lot when the candidate is in the interview.

Auto glass installer tips:

  • Your resume should draw attention to core job skills and abilities which makes you a great hire
  • Attention to minute details like cracks, small chips etc. are your responsibility
  • Adaptability and flexibility: a candidate should have a flexible schedule and adapt to the job necessities which may include travel, night shifts etc.
  • Teamwork skills: even though this is a specialized job, there may be cases where you would have to be a part of team. This would reflect how well you work with others
  • Problem-solving skills: solving issues efficiently are always appreciated by customers from day one

References are a good add-on to a resume. It builds a base as to how a candidate's behavior, work ethics, and performance were in the previous company. This helps in establishing your responsibility and reliability. Provide the references in the following manner: name, current designation, and contact number.

Lastly, main aim of your resume is to create the best first impression, depending on the amount of efforts you put in.

Sample Automotive Glass Installer Resume

Personal Details

Name: Blake White
Birth Date: 19 February 1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking the job of Automotive Glass Installer at your company. It is my goal to follow the company's policies and to do my work perfectly so as to create loyal customers. It is also an objective to get promoted in the future.


Highly skilled and experienced Automotive Glass Installer looking for immediate employment, with accuracy and efficiency at work, knowledge regarding the use of the equipment and tools needed at the job and knowledge regarding the way glass should be handled.

Skills and Competencies

  • Sound knowledge regarding the work with glass
  • Knowledge regarding the equipment and tools used in the process of glass installing
Work Experience

Automotive Glass Installer, 2009 to present
Auto Shop Inc., New York, NY, USA

Job Duties

  • Installing glass parts with urethane
  • Applying a bed of urethane around the perimeter of the pinch weld
  • Making sure that there is no moisture or contamination in the damaged area
  • Cool or warm the glass in case of temperature extremes
  • Cut the glass according to the specified patterns
Auto Repair Glass Technician, 2006 to 2009
Car Beauty Workshop, Inc., New York, NY

Job Duties

  • Installing precut replacement glass
  • Removing the broken or damaged glass from the windshield or from other places
  • Applying the moisture proofing compound
  • Installing the rubber channeling strip around the edge of the glass
  • Smoothing and shaping the uneven or cut edges


Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering
New York University NY


Organizing trainings for the new staff


Bob Maine
Auto Shop Inc., New York, NY, USA

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