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Chemical Equipment Operator Resume

The job of a Chemical Equipment Operator includes numerous things, such as adjusting controls to regulate the temperature, pressure and the flow of the liquids and gases and the time of the reactions. He or she has to observe the safety precautions to avoid fires and explosions. There is also need to monitor the gauges, the instruments, flow meters and the products to make sure of the maintenance of the specified conditions. The Chemical Equipment Operator also operates and controls the equipment that is used regarding the chemical changes and reactions. He or she also has to measure and weight the chemical ingredients.


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Chemical Equipment Operator Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Kelly Maine
Birth Date: 6 July 1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Chemical Equipment Operator needs sound knowledge regarding chemistry and the potential reactions that might take place because of certain actions. Since these people might be working with dangerous materials, there is also need for knowledge regarding the safety protocol and the things that need to be done in case of emergencies.


To seek the position of Chemical Equipment Operator where my professional experience and skills will contribute to achieve the goals of the your company.


Highly educated and trained Chemical Equipment Operator looking for immediate employment, having sound knowledge and experience regarding chemical reactions and chemistry, also with knowledge regarding the safety protocol in a chemistry lab and with abilities to operate the tools and equipment used.

Skills and Competences

  • Knowledge regarding the use of special tools and equipment
  • Understanding the possible chemical reactions
  • Information regarding the safety protocol of a chemistry lab
Work Experience

Chemical Equipment Operator, 2006 to present
M & M Inc., Idaho

Job Duties:

  • Maintain the equipment units and the semiautomatic system that introduces the chemical substances into the customer or industrial products
  • Adding the given amounts of solid materials to the heating vessels or the blending tanks
  • Turning the valves to feed liquid and gaseous materials to the equipment units
  • Observing the chemical reactions
  • Taking examples of the products
Apprentice Chemical Equipment Operator, 2000-2006
M & M Inc., Idaho

Job Duties:

  • Controlling the equipment in which the chemicals are chlorinated
  • Adding the given amounts of substances to the chlorinator
  • Reading the flow meter and opening the valves if needed

BS in Chemistry, Bethel University, Minnesota
High School Diploma


Improving the processes of the company
Offering training to the new employees of the company

Areas of Interest

Chemical reactions
Processes done to an industrial site


Marjorie White
General Manager
M & M Inc., Idaho

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