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Clinical Lab Technician Resume

The clinical laboratory technician performs laboratory analysis to diagnose, care for and prevent diseases. A technician can carry out his duties under the supervision of the laboratory manager or technologist. Moreover, as claimed by the Occupational Information Network, the clinical laboratory technicians are called medical laboratory technicians.

What are the responsibilities of a clinical lab technician?


According to BLS, or the Bureau of Labor Statistics, clinical laboratory technicians carry out regular laboratory practices, for instance operating computerized analyzers or getting specimens ready. In addition, clinical laboratory technicians are able to execute manual testing with the aid of detailed directions.

In what environment do these professionals work?

As said by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the clinical laboratory workforce may be exposed to contagious specimens; nonetheless, these professionals are instructed in the procedures of infection control and sterilization. Usually, laboratories are hygienic and correctly illuminated.

The setting and work schedule range, depending on the size and type of the working environment. Independent labs and bigger hospitals that function 24/7 may need employees on the job during holidays, weekends and evenings.

What are the educational requirements of clinical lab technicians?

As reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the clinical laboratory technician typically needs an associate's or a certificate degree in clinical laboratory sciences or in medical technology.

How do the prospects look for clinical lab technicians?

The average annual salary of May 2010, according to BLS, for clinical laboratory technicians was $38,850 with an hourly wedge of $17.60. Job openings for this position are expected to increase throughout the year 2018 with over 16%.

Sample Clinical Lab Technician Resume

Personal Details

Kasey Patterson
98 Blue Street
Somecity, US, 98349,
Home: (716) 012-5362
Mobile: (919) 288-8672


Dedcated professional seeking a challenging position as Clinical Laboratory Technician

Summary of Qualifications

  • Over 8 years of experience in Clinical Lab work
  • Very careful with details
  • Excellent ability to carry out duties exactly and with basic overseeing
  • Thorough capability to do routine work without distraction
  • Sturdy skills to comprehend non-routine comments, written orders and common policy reports
  • Extraordinary capacity at filing before labeled samples using uncomplicated chronological or alphabetical systems
  • Proficiency in using word processor applications and other personal computer software
  • Exceptional manual dexterity
  • Vast knowledge of clinical terminology
  • Demonstrated dependability and reliability
  • Exceptional skills working under stressful conditions
  • Strong communication capabilities

Professional Experience

DFG University, Someville, US 2002 – 2010
Clinical Laboratory Technician

  • Process microscopic samples at all stages, together with, cover slipping, H & E staining, embedding, microtonomy and frozen sectioning in order to get specimens ready for the Pathologist to diagnose
  • Distinguish and classify the type and origin of organic tissue from any fraction of the body
  • Help in the Gross Room as well as grossing samples and taking care that all specimens are properly managed
  • Complete the intake of tissue, which means correctly labeling every specimen and guaranteeing that every specimen is properly prepared for handing
  • Pick up samples in a variety of operating rooms and delivering them to Surgical Pathology for analysis
  • File slides and blocks to make sure all cases are found when required
  • Keep records of laboratory data and graph of the results in order to identify noteworthy variations
  • Putting together reports of lab data for review for the managers
  • Keep inventories and take care of ordering supplies when needed
  • Respect all safety rules and procedures to sanitize the lab and organize biohazardous products
  • Carry out any extra responsibilities supplementary to the Histology lab duties

Training and Education

  • Certified in Basic Life Support, the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians
  • Certified as Phlebotomist, the National Phlebotomy Association GHJ University, US
  • Associate's degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, 2001

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