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Conservation Technician Resume

Conservation technicians are specialists that work in the environmental domain and analyze different aspects of natural life, compile data and supervise operations that take place in natural sites. They measure and analyze the condition of forest land, wildlife, habitats and environmental interactions, and pass this information further to conservation scientists that come up with strategies in conserving and helping the environment.


Conservation technicians also monitor harvesting operations, assist road builders and other procedures that take place in the natural environment. They may be consulted to advice such operations and even train forest and natural sites workers in specific activities, like tree planting.

The educational responsibilities of a conservation technician may include discussing with children and students, or with the public and providing basic information about the conservation of the environment. In the recent past, conservation technicians have become urban workers that assess the situation of urban natural sites and even study individual trees. The work implies mostly outdoor activities and sometimes traveling.

The resume of a conservation technician has to specify the educational background and the accredited programs followed in applied sciences or science technology that qualifies the incumbent for a position in this field. Also, previous experience is an advantage.

Conservation Technician Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Emma Thomson
Birth date: 05.05.1983
Address: 5111 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite 202, Scottsdale, AZ 85250,
Contact Details: (203) 972-5000
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Driver's license: Yes


I�m a member of The Society of American Foresters with a certificate in forest technology and I have participated in a number of conservation projects that have helped me exercise the necessary skills and abilities and apply my knowledge in order to effectively contribute to the conservation of the environment.


My objective is to find a position as a conservation technician that can help me use my knowledge as a forest technician and work with teams of people and scientists in improving our environment. I consider myself to be properly qualified for the job and willing to work with and in any type of environment.


Certificated forest technician with project based experience in forest conservation, looking for a similar position in a solid institution.


  • science and technology knowledge
  • mathematical and analytical skills
  • communication skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • ability to transmit information to the larger public
  • ability to work outdoors as well as in laboratories

Computer knowledge:

  • strong computer knowledge
  • expert in technical modeling applications

Work Experience:

Forest and Conservation Technician, 2005-2010
The Forest Service of the Federal Government


  • in charge of conducting on field measurement regarding wildlife, timber, insect damage
  • tree populations, tree mortality, land and water conditions
  • assisting and advising workers in forests in road building or related operations
  • collaborating with conservation scientist and managing laboratory work

Education and Training:

Master's Degree in Forest Technology, Scottsdale University
Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, Scottsdale University


As a conservation technician I am proud of my contribution to the preservation of nature and to the information of population about proper procedures, operations and activities related to our environment.

Areas of interest:

  • nature
  • science
  • technology
  • computers
  • society


Mrs. Caroline Heller
Leading Conservation Scientist
The Forest Service of the Federal Government

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