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Dietetic Technician Resume

Dietetic technicians are professionals that assist dietitians. They take part in evaluating, organizing, and conducting nutrition services and programs for different institutions, such as schools, hospitals, and industries. As seen, the working places are various, so dietetic technicians are needed. It is important to be good in handling people and having the patience and the ability of explaining to them, all aspects of the process they have to follow.


Besides the institutions mentioned above, these professionals can perform their job in public health departments or other health agencies. And it is also important to point that dietetic technicians may be involved in research, education and consulting services.

Dietetic technicians who work in health care facilities work directly with dietitians to plan patients' diets. They establish food serving for patients, depending on their health and their needs; they supervise the preparation of the food and make sure that hygiene is respected. Referring to dietetic technicians that work in large enterprises of public alimentation, we should note that they have to monitor that the rules of a balanced nutrition are respected. Control obligations often include catering, food standards observance, preparing menus, calculating the energy and organic food. They may also work in research.

A dietetic technician that makes a resume for applying for a job has to expose the fact that he is well qualified and skilled; also, he should insist on presenting his objectives and work history. Make sure you will convince the hiring person that you desire this job and that you are able to deal with its responsibilities.

Dietetic Technician Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Joanna Sims
Birth date: 17.02.1983
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


A dietetic technician is a specialist that, working in the company of a dietician, will create food service and nutritional programs. They will work in many different places, having finally the same objective: guiding people in adopting a healthy nutrition.


To develop a career as a dietetic technician and help people solve all their problems related to food selection, preparation, and menu planning; to assume responsibility of guiding people and helping them


Professionally trained and experienced dietetic technician, I have a strong desire of working with people and I am available to startwork immediately


  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Ability of teaching people how to handle their menu
Work Experience

Dietetic Technician, Central Hospital, New City, 2004-2009

Duties and responsibilities

  • Establishing menu and nutrition rules
  • Analyzing information and evaluating results
  • Choosing the best solution and solving problems
Assistant Dietetic Technician, Central Hospital, New City, 2003-2004

Duties and responsibilities

  • Helping patients plan meals
  • Reporting the patient's progress or any problems that appear

High School diploma, New City University, 2003
Certified Dietetic Technician, 2004


Succeeded in helping people respecting the imposed rules

Areas of interest



Mathew Drew
Central Hospital, New City

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