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Dubbing Machine Operator Resume

The Dubbing Machine Operator is an individual who manages the dubbing machine. This job consists of handling this special equipment with the purpose of replacing the voices within a motion picture after the original shooting has taken place. This procedure is mostly done in order to present the film in another language, without having to use subtitles. When handling the dubbing machine, the operator has to make sure that the voices are in perfect synchronization with the development of the movie: the movement of the actors' lips, for example, or that the sound effects are introduced in the appropriate scene. This professional might also have to load the film reels or the tape into the machine and lass the lead-end over and around the sprockets wheels or other kinds of machines so as to get the work done.


The candidate for this position should be highly trained in using the dubbing machine. S/he has to know how the re-recording process works in order to make sure that the final product, the movie, is of high quality.

The resume for this position should present the training one has obtained in this domain. It is also important to mention the high amount of attention you pay to the smallest details because this proves that you can manage in creating the perfect synchronization.

Dubbing Machine Operator Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Scott Mae
Birth Date: 25 May 1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes
Address: 14, Milton Avenue NY
Number:000 00 00000
E-mail: scot@gmail


The Dubbing Machine Operator is the professional who re-records voices, sound effects or music within a movie with the help of a dubbing machine.


To obtain the vacant job of Dubbing Machine Operator at your company. It is my objective to operate the dubbing machine in an effective manner so as to ensure that the finished product is worth being released in the market.


Highly educated and experienced Dubbing Machine Operator looking for immediate employment, with sound knowledge about the technology used in the field and also about the maintenance of the dubbing machinery.

Skills and Competencies

  • Sound knowledge regarding the technology used in the field
  • Accuracy and efficiency at the job
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work together with the members of other departments
  • Organizational skills
  • Technical abilities used to repair the dubbing equipment

Work Experience

Dubbing Machine Operator, 2005 to present
Movie-Maker Co., Some City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Operating the dubbing machine
  • Introduced various sound effects in specified scenes within movies
  • Dubbed the voices of actors before sending the movie to certain countries
  • Changed the soundtrack as specified by producers

Apprentice Dubbing Machine Operator, 2002-2005
Movie-Maker Co., Some City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Learning the processes that need to be done under the supervision of the dubbing machine operator
  • Assisting the dubbing machine operator with the daily tasks
  • Performing office duties if needed


A.A. Business and Finance
Any City Community College, Any City, USA

Areas of Interest

  • Film making
  • Special effects
  • Film editing and synchronization


Sarah Smith
General Manager
Movie-Maker Co., Some City, USA

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