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Electrical Drafter Resume

Electrical Drafters are responsible for producing technical drawings and information which indicate how equipment and devices are modified. The main duties of Electrical Drafters refer to preparing technical plans, which the production and construction workers will use in order to build various devices.


The Electrical Drafter is responsible for designing technical plans to an exact precision that can respond to the customer's needs. Among the duties mentioned above, Electrical Drafters have to make sure that the technical drawings and plans are designed so that customers can read and understand them. The drawings of these skilled workers provide guidelines and present information on how to design a product. Electrical Drafters also have to assemble documentation packages, to produce drawing sets and to collaborate in a close manner with the engineering staff and other personnel in order to resolve various issues.

Your Electrical Drafter Resume must focus on the most important information regarding your experience, skills and education in the Electrical field. This information has to offer the employers an overview image of your skills and abilities which you can use as an Electrical Drafter. The first thing you have to add is your contact information: full name, permanent addresses, telephone number and e-mail address. The objective statement in your Resume has to inform the employer of your career goals or to express your interest in a specific job or position as an Electrical Drafter.

Then, don't forget to add your education, skills, experience and other activities or achievements (clubs or professional affiliations). In your skills and qualifications section you can add general skills but also electrical skills which make you a competitive candidate for the position. Make sure that you add your education and experience in chronological order. In the work experience you have to add your main duties and responsibilities for every job you had.

Electrical Drafters are required to have a strong understanding of the electrical systems for various types of projects and a deep knowledge of electrical drafting principles, tools and techniques.

Electrical Drafter Resume Sample

Contact Information
Name: Jude Anderson
Address: 682 Spring Street
Marital Status: Single
Birth date: 23.05.1976


Looking to obtain a challenging position as an Electrical Drafter in a growth-oriented company where I can utilize my strong communication skills to establish and maintain effective relations with people


Responsible, hard-working and energetic Electrical Drafter with seven years experience in designing specifications for installing voltage transformers, cables and other types of electrical equipment; who possess exceptional time-management skills and the ability to work well under pressure

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills used to establish and maintain strong relations with people
  • Excellent understanding of the electrical systems for various types of projects
  • In-depth knowledge of electrical drafting techniques and tools
  • Knowledge of drafting equipment and tools as well as of engineering and of electrical symbols
  • Proficient in using various computer programs: Excel, Word, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop
  • Excellent time-management skills and ability to multi-task
Work Experience

Electrical Drafter, Summit Technical Services, Inc., Boston, MA, 2007- present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Assembled documentation packages and prepared drawing sets for engineers or architects
  • Studied and analyzed order requests in order to determine various types of services
  • Collaborated with the engineering staff in order to resolve problems and issues
  • Researched and analyzed the factors that affect installations

Electrical Drafter, Strom Engineering, New York, NY, 2004-2007
Duties and responsibilities

  • Visited a wide variety of installation sites and designed rough sketches of the locations
  • Explained and analyzed drawings and plans to the construction teams and realized adjustments or corrections if necessary
  • Responsible for preparing and interpreting specifications and for calculating weights and volumes
  • Designed drawings and plans on copy machines


Master's Degree in Electrical Drafting, New York University
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Drafting, New York University

Achievements and affiliations

Dean's Lister, New York University
Member of the American Design Drafting Association

References available upon request

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