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Heating Air Conditioning Mechanic

The environment in which we live our life is extremely important to us. Its influences are obvious in everything we do. When it is very hot outside, we need an air conditioning system, in order to cool off and feel good again. On the other side, when the temperatures in the environment are too low, then our body is demanding a heat source, which would generate the necessary thermal comfort. The general idea is that we have a body temperature, which must be maintained in order for the organism to perform its tasks in an adequate manner.


We have all had our fair share of terrible nights in a hotel in which we were either freezing or catching fire, because there were no heating and air conditioning systems installed. Thank Heavens that nowadays Hotels are all endowed with such equipments. Although these are highly efficient, they can break down, and in this case there has to be a person who is qualified enough in order to repair the damages, especially when it is very hot or extremely cold outside.

The heating and air conditioning mechanic is supposed to be a hard-working person, very attentive to detail and should have very good communication skills. Most importantly, he has to posses very good technical knowledge and skills. If you think that this is your exact portrait, then maybe you should think about becoming such a mechanic. If you do opt for this domain, then here is how you should structure your resume.

The resume of a heating and air conditioning mechanic

Personal details:
Name: Dwayne Watson
Address: 94 Cubic Square Street, Miami
Marital status: Married, one child
Birth date: 20.05.1977


Being a heating and air conditioning mechanic means not only fixing technical issues within these systems, but also, most importantly, helping people feel good with the temperature of the environment that they live in.


To become a heating and air conditioning mechanic within your company, and thus to be offered the chance to make good use of my technical skills and my previous work experience in order to help your customers feel at ease within your hotel.


Hard-working and skillful, ambitious and perseverant, I am sure that I can offer the best services both to you and your costumers.

Skills and core competencies:

  • Hard-working
  • Patient and methodical
  • Willing to work overtime
  • Very good communication skills

Technical skills:

  • Very good knowledge of heating and air conditioning systems
  • Very proficient with the necessary equipment

Work experience:

Heating mechanic, The Railroad Hotel,
Miami, 2007-2011

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Permanently monitor the heating systems within the hotel
  • Track the potential threats and problems and do the necessary repairs
  • Check the quality of the systems regularly

The Mechanics High School, Miami, 2003-2007


  • Great results in taking care of the heating systems within the hotel
  • Great results in working within a team
  • Great results in communicating and collaborating with my colleagues and superiors

Areas of interest:

  • Mechanics
  • The heating and air conditioning systems


Mr. Victor New,
Chief of Staff.
The Railroad Hotel,

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