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Library Technician Resume

This article details the job position of Library Technician, by highlighting all the responsibilities that a person working in this line of work has. The template resume shows the way in which you need to present yourself when applying for this position.


A library technician, normally working under the overseeing of a librarian, attains and administers material and aids the library's patrons find information. From time to time, library technicians perform their duties autonomously. A number of library technicians control mobile book libraries, which ride into districts to make available services to those who aren't able to go to a public library. Library technicians had almost 120,500 job positions in 2010.

Educational needs for library technicians vary from just a high school diploma accompanied by on-the-job instructing to more specific associate's degrees specialized for those that enter this area of expertise. Because libraries have speedily moved in the direction of computerization, proficient computer abilities have become essential. Libraries and associations provide ongoing learning workshops to aid the library technicians keep pace with fresh developments in this area.

Library technicians who are bookmobile drivers are occasionally entailed to possess commercial drivers' licenses. Library technicians usually begin working in circulation offices, but as they turn into more experienced workers, their duties become more important. Some ultimately engage in supervisory jobs. The employment rates for library technicians are projected to grow almost as fast as the median for all jobs throughout the year 2018. Library technicians got paid an average yearly income of $28,560 and an average hourly payment of $14.31 in 2010.

The library technician's day may go by performing these following tasks:

  • Show library patrons the way to the best orientation resources
  • Put in order and uphold periodicals
  • Keep up interlibrary credit requests
  • Systematize library items
  • Oversee support personnel
  • Tailor databases
  • Input catalogue data into the library's computer systems
  • Find info in databases
  • Control audiovisual apparatus
  • Educate users, as well as students in school media units, in the exploit of library items
  • Drive bookmobiles

Sample Library Technician Resume:

Katrina Peters
882, North 21 Street
Randomville, US 55221
Home: (098)-765 4321
Mobile: (123)-456 7890

Education and Training

  • Master's Degree in Library Science, at HGF University, in Randomville, 2004
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, at HGF University, in Randomville, 2001

List of Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent knowledge in an assortment of processes of Data evaluation
  • Constantly developing a choice of utilities for better serving output
  • Born numerical skills for offering better and more correct services
  • Outstanding troubleshooting proficiency training in this particular field of labor

Working Experience

Organization: Randomville Library, Randomville

Worked in the position of system controller and had the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Use mandatory troubleshooting techniques for running extra efficiently
  • Supply needed assistance to the librarians in favor of developing the whole system into a more efficient manner to be used better
  • Make available the indispensable support to periodicals and newspapers of numerous aspects with the instantaneous access offered to them

2002-2006 ABC Public Library, Randomville
Worked as system assistant with subsequent responsibilities

  • Give important potentialities in each computer for flawlessly working at every hour of the day
  • Attain required measures for maintaining the system operation efficiently
  • Provide essential assistance with the help of the right computer technologies

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