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Light Technician Resume

The light technicians have a very important role in the production of a movie or TV broadcast. They perform their duties under the supervision of a director of cinematography or a lighting director. Light technicians arrange and position the lights for every scene in a movie. They have to know what effect the director desires in each scene and should be capable of creating it. For example, if the scene has to be mystifying, the technician has to use filters over the actual lights to point out darkness while letting just sufficient light to get through, so that the spectators can understand the action. A light technician resume should highlight the candidate's skills and their zeal to attain creativity and innovation.


Even outdoor scenes need extra lighting to generate the accurate light of day effects. Moreover, lighting technicians ought to comprehend how to arrange lights, so that they do not interfere with the range of the camera and do not mix with the panorama. In order to do this, light technicians need to be capable of using an assortment of equipment to secure lights in order to obtain the finest potential effects.

The main educational requirements for light technicians include vocational training, which includes, preparing school plays and taking shop classes in high school, along with covering events in college and university. These events might fall into the category of theatre, television and motion picture production. The most important training in this job profile is that obtained on the job. A majority of lighting technicians are also qualified electricians with vast knowledge in wiring, electricity and light sources. Lighting technicians can develop into lighting directors and designers. Moreover, technicians learn how to use a camera or how to record sound. In addition, they can decide to go into other areas such as architectural, industrial or product lighting. The average earnings for all light technicians count on the setting where they work and the expertise possessed by the worker. The technicians that aren't part of a union have a beginning daily salary of $200. Senior technicians can be paid with even over $250 a day. The lowest union hourly rates for the members of the lighting crew that work on TV and stage productions vary between $21 and $30. These numbers are valid in the case of the main theatrical facilities in Los Angeles and New York. The majority of experienced union technicians normally get paid with higher amounts of money than nonunion workers.

Light Technician Resume Sample

Jennifer Milles-Smith
11, Sunny Lane
Bigville, US 123456
Home: (123) 456-7890
Mobile: (098) 765-4321


Dedicated worker seeking a position as Light Technician and enrich my experience by working with the best people in the business.

List of Skills

  • Lighting specialist
  • Safety cautious
  • Reliable
  • Dependable worker

Professional Experience

Light Technician,
Local Television Co., Bigville, US, 2009-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Arranging and operating lighting gear for TV broadcast production
  • Collaborated with directors and managers, apart from going through scripts to finalize the most efficient lighting aspects
  • Fixing lights and replacing the ones that are out of order
  • Checking cables on machinery and replace the outdated ones

Assistant Light Technician,
Big TV Studio, Big City, US, 2003-2009

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helped the technicians with pre-set duties associated with lighting for television broadcasting
  • Responsible for setting up spotlights, flood lights, incandescent, and mercury vapor reflectors, with the required equipments

Education and Training

Associates Degree in Electricity and Lighting
Big City Trade School, 2002, Big City, US

Involvements and Accolades

Secretary of the American Association of Lighting Specialists

While drafting a light technician resume, one should pay attention to all the minute intricacies of the job. Experience in this field is of topmost priority to grab the best jobs in the business.

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