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Marine Architect Resume

The majority of naval architects perform their responsibilities for private business shipbuilding firms, but a few work for research and design companies or are freelance consultants. A lot of them are hired by the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy's Naval Sea System Command or other subdivisions of government.


Naval architects plan the hull in keeping with the requirement of the client or buyer. The ship's structural drawing ought to allow for the tools required to run it, the personnel who will inhabit it, the maneuverability and speed it will require, the tension it must endure, and many additional details. The necessities of a luxury liner vary noticeably from that vis-a-vis an oil tanker. The ship has to be reasonably priced to build in addition to being easy to operate. Moreover, architects select materials and note down specifications for construction and supply workers. The architect's labor regularly continues all through the building course of action, because several parts of the ship's design have to be completed throughout the real construction.

Some naval architects concentrate on certain details of the work. They may focus on remodeling ships or on researching the utilization of new techniques or materials. An architect can also specialize in designing certain kinds of ships for example freight vessels or yachts.

In general, a bachelor's degree in engineering or architecture is needed to enter this field of work. Just a few schooling facilities offer courses or degree plans in naval architecture, as a result students might want to opt to major in mechanical engineering, ocean engineering, or marine engineering. Undergraduate curriculum ought to include the fundamental courses required, for instance hydraulics, electrical theory, materials testing and practice, and also mathematics.

The employment prospects for beginners with a pertinent bachelor's degree look pretty good. Actually, some companies are willing to supply on the job training for civil and mechanical engineers who illustrate a deep curiosity in naval architecture. Even though job increase will be slower than common throughout the year 2015, a strong order of yachts, naval vessels and other little crafts ought to offset the declining in the demand for the construction and design of large ocean ships.

The average national salary for the naval architects positions is $73,050 a year. Skilled naval architects in the private industry can get paid yearly with more than $100,000. The majority of workers get paid holidays and vacations, pension plans and insurance. Naval staff can receive extra benefits.

Sample Marine Architect Resume

Personal Details

Name: Joanny Legger
Address: Yellow Street, 43
Some City, US,
Home: (656) 722-9868
Mobile: (722) 725-2882


Talented architect seeking to work in a strong-willed and challenging working setting as Naval Architect in the sector of Ship Building and to use all of my skills to help the progress and development of a progressive company.


  • Outstanding in performing calculations regarding ship design
  • Appropriate experience in production and Detail Designing
  • Proficiency in using computer software
  • Exceptional familiarity with Ship Design
  • Acquainted with the policies of Classification Societies
Professional Experience

Naval Architect
Water Front Co., Someville, US

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform detail drafting/design of the configuration of a ship
  • Put together production details about the ship's structure
  • Do naval architecture calculations for example: hydrostatic/stability and weight distribution
  • Systematize documents for, material list, drawing list, production information, material management, weight control, delivery documents and many others
Education and Training
  • Bachelor's Degree in Physics, 2004

    ABC College, Acity, US

  • Diploma in Naval Science
GHJ University, Someville, US


Available upon request

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