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Medical Appliance Technician Resume

A medical appliance technician is a skilled manufacturer who designs, fits and creates medical devices, like for example orthotic arch supports, limb prosthetics and joint braces.


A career in medical appliance technology combines an interest in medicine and manual fabrication skills and involves creating, fitting, designing and maintaining medical devices. Usually, medical appliance technicians work for laboratories and medical supply manufacturers, but they can also be employed by hospitals or private care clinics, where they fulfill the requests and prescriptions of physicians to assist patients who deal with amputations, birth defects and injuries.

These technicians have the responsibility to work directly with patients, to take impressions and casts, to manufacture appliances, to fit and adjust them to the patients and to tend to repairs on a regular basis.

Those interested in starting a career as medical appliance technician should first of all acquire a high school diploma, putting an emphasis on biology, mathematics and wood shop classes. Some employers will hire candidates who just graduated from high school and offer them on-the-job training, but majority of them will prefer those with formal education like a certificate program or an associate degree of one year in medical appliance technology.

Most practitioners will specialize in certain types of devices, like orthotics or prosthetics and, during the one-year program, they will gain insight into anatomy, medical appliance materials and biomedical principles. With creativity, manual dexterity and knowledge of the human anatomy, those interested in becoming a medical appliance technician are on the right path.

Medical Appliance Technician Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: January Levitt
Birth Date: 18 August 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to fill the position of a medical appliance technician.

Education and Professional Training

  • High school diploma from the St. Joseph High School, San Antonio, TX in 2003
  • On the job training at St. Louis Care Clinic, San Antonio, TX
  • Excellent ability to fit and make orthotics and prostheses
  • Strong knowledge of crafting, design and production techniques, anatomy, properties of materials and patient counseling
  • Exceptional mechanical skills
  • Remarkable ability to analyze the product requirements while creating a design
  • Strong ability to adapt or generate equipment to serve the needs of patients
Professional Experience

2005-Present date: Medical appliance technician for St. Louis Care Clinic, San Antonio, TX

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Carving, cutting, grinding and welding plastic, metal or wood material to fabricate medical supportive devices
  • Repairing and maintaining medical supportive devices, like braces, artificial limbs and surgical supports
  • Instructing the patients in the use of orthotic or prosthetic devices
  • Fitting appliances onto patients and adjusting appliances as necessary
  • Testing medical supportive device for alignment, body fit, movement and biomechanical stability
  • Reading specifications to determine type of device or product to be fabricated and selecting required tools and materials
2003-2005: Medical appliance technician trainee for St. Louis Care Clinic, San Antonio, TX

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Marking dimensions of parts, with the help of precision measuring instruments
  • Constructing plaster cast of limbs to use as pattern for the fabrication of supportive devices
  • Bending, forming and shaping material or fabric to the measurements of structural components
  • Polishing braces, artificial limbs and supports and testing them for alignment and biomechanical stability

Helping numerous patients improve their mobility and life standard.

Areas of interest

  • Sports

Available upon request.

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