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Medical Instrument Repairer Resume

Nowadays, the medical field has advanced; we have numerous new treatment options and medicines today, the doctors are extremely well trained but, most of all, we can rely on a diversity of medical instruments and devices, all meant to assist the doctor in his curative processes.

These equipments are very efficient, indeed, but they are not flawless. When they happen to get damaged, it is the job of the medical instrument repairer to restore them to functionality. This person has to be highly trained in order to be able to notice any malfunction and address it as quicky as possible.


Based on his previous experience and on his good knowledge of the field, he will have to detect all the problems and think of the adequate solutions, and sometimes he will be forced to do all these in a matter of minutes, as the medical emergencies can never be predicted beforehand. Therefore, he needs a solid knowledge, together with the ability to react promptly in limit situations and the capacity to understand that his work is of vital importance and he has to do it no other way but right.

If you happen to have a form of medical preparation, and you do like the idea of working with medical equipment and instruments, then start making your resume. Here is a little hint on how you should do this.

Medical Instrument Repairer Sample Resume

Personal details:

Name: Phyllis Abbott
Birth date: 2.02.1975
Address: 64 Area Avenue, Michigan
Marital status: Married
Children: Three children
Driver's license: Yes


To become a medical instrument repairer within your hospital, and thus to be granted the chance of proving that my skills, together with my previous work experience, are just what you are looking for and that they can contribute successfully to the quality of the medical procedures.


Hard-working and patient, very attentive to details, having great communication skills and very solid technical skills, I am willing to put all these qualities in the service of you and your clients, hoping that my small contribution to the health system will add more quality to it.

Qualities and skills:

  • Hard-working
  • Patient
  • Perseverant
  • Very good technical skills
  • Very good communication and presentation skills
  • Very attentive to details
Work experience:

Medical instrument repairer,
The Michigan Hospital, 2008-2011

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Regularly check the medical instruments to ensure that they function correctly
  • Detect any problems with the instruments and perform the necessary repairs
  • Discussing with the medical staff about possible problems
  • Explain various means of usage of the medical instruments to beginners
  • Instructed the new personnel on instrument repair

The Medical High School, Michigan, 2004-2008


Great results in repairing the medical equipment
Great results in collaborating with the doctors

Areas of interest:

Medical equipment and instruments


Dr. Dan Villiard,
The Michigan Hospital,
Technical Staff Manager.

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