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Medical Records Technician Resume

A medical records technician is a specialist who has the responsibility of keeping and managing medical records (health related files and documents of a patient). He/she works in hospitals, nursing homes, public or private clinics.

Medical records technicians have to maintain all the medical records of a patient (examinations, laboratory test records, results, diagnoses, procedures and therapies, treatment and surgeries) accurately by using a standard classification system and then they have to introduce these records in a computer database.


Some technicians are specialized in putting all information into a code, because it is easier for them, for the doctors and even for researchers to use, store and cross-index the files this way.

In this job, a maximum of discretion and confidentiality are required. The medical record technician will collaborate with the nurses, doctors, insurance companies, etc. so as to provide them with the needed information regarding the patients' medical care history.

The number of responsibilities of the medical records technician can vary, but these are the most important. If you are working in a hospital, for sure you will have more duties than if you work in a clinic.

When drafting a resume for a job as medical records technician, keep in mind to reveal interest and knowledge for the systematic documentation of the patients' history and care. p> Also enumerate important skills and abilities for this job such as: confidentiality, ability of interpret the contents of the patients' records or what other skills you have and are important in this job.

Medical Records Technician Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Andrew Collins
Birth Date: 11.12.1975


Medical care system has developed a lot and keeping computerized and handwritten records of every patient will help not only the patient, but also the doctors and even researchers who are interested in a particular disease; that's why the job of a medical records technician is very important.


Joining your team, becoming a part of the health system and doing my job with high level of responsibility and discretion; helping doctors and patients.


Highly talented Medical Records Technician with huge experience in compiling, processing, and maintaining medical records; I am enthusiastic about working in your hospital and accomplish all my activities with great success.

Skills and Abilities

  • Computer skills
  • Communication skills
  • Administration skills
  • Ability to understand written instructions, memoranda, and policy statements
  • Trustworthy, ethical and sincere
  • Excellent understanding of the procedural areas of a Medical Record Department
Work Experience

Medical Records Assistant, San Francisco Medical Center, 2000-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Compiling active and inactive records
  • Handling patients
  • Filing medical records
  • Answering telephones
  • Updating medical records to document condition and treatment
  • Providing information to doctors and insurance agencies according to regulations
  • Creating a database of all file records
  • Preparing statistical reports

A.S., Business Administration, Bronx Community College, San Francisco, 1998


  • Handled various administrative tasks efficiently
  • Understood better medical discharge software
  • Solved medical record problem
  • Improved personal medical terminology
Areas of Interest

Management, medicine, administration


Richard Jason
San Francisco Medical Center

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