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Mobile Home Installer Resume

Mobile homes are basically built by car or vehicle manufacturing companies because of the technicalities involved in building such homes. A well qualified team of professionals such as engineering, mechanics, designers and decorators are required for the job. Since mobile homes are not stationery, it is important the infrastructure and its foundation are solid without any loopholes. A mobile home installer should be well qualified to perform the job, preferably an expert mechanic or engineer. They should be knowledgeable and possess sound knowledge to deal with even the minute intricacies of the job. A mobile home installer resume should be drafted keeping in mind the skills and qualifications required for the job. The resume should be effectively drafted giving proper emphasis to the candidates work experience and past achievements in this field.


Like most professional documents, a mobile home installer resume should be precise and to the point. It should be a standard two pages resume containing all the relevant information required for the job. Given below is a sample mobile home installer resume which can be used as a reference by candidates applying for this job.

Mobile Home Installer Resume Sample

Contact data Name: Joe Worker
Home address: 287 29th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37200
E mail address:
Driver’s license: yes
Phone number: (615) 742-9955
Citizenship: American (or any mention on the work permit)


I am looking for the position of a mobile home installer with a fast growing firm where my knowledge and skills can be utilized to the optimum. I look forward to secure a respectable position working in this profile and create a name for the firm.


  • Possess good knowledge and understanding of blueprints and instructions
  • Good at all the techniques that goes into building a mobile home
  • Physically strong and fit to carry heavy items
  • Good at giving instructions and working in a team
  • Good at multi tasking
  • Adaptable to new technologies
  • Detail oriented
  • Good team member
  • Hard working
  • Efficient


Mobile home installer,
Star Dream Corporation,
Tullahoma, TN, 2008- Present.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Connected the electrical systems of the mobile home to outside power source in order to verify the system
  • Connected the water hoses and pipes, and tested the water system, for leaks and other flaws
  • Installed, repaired or changed units or other elements in mobile homes or trailers
  • Testing the performance of the doors, windows, drawers and switches by opening, closing, or switching them on and off
  • Keeping a close check on the houses for any issues or damage and getting in touch with clients to know the feedback
  • Finding solutions for the repair process, in the shortest time possible
  • Keeping records of the actions performed and of those to be performed on the same mobile home

Car technician,
Car Repair Garage,
Cookeville, TN, 2005 – 2008

Duties and responsibilities

  • Ordered new car parts for replacements
  • Constructed various car elements if they were too difficult to get
  • Repaired damaged cars with new techniques and tools
  • Customized elements for cars, following precise instructions from clients
  • Removed wheels from cars in order to perform routine checks pertaining their alignment and functions
  • Remounted the wheels on the cars and tested the cars for any flaws
  • Kept records of the completed work and on those to be performed

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, California State University, 2003 – 2008
On the job training at Your Dream Vehicle Company, Cookeville, TN


Mr. John Whitmore, General Manager,
Star Dream Corporation, Tullahoma, TN
Contact number: (615) 742-9256

A mobile home installer resume should be drafted keeping in mind the requirements from the employers end. It is always beneficial to check the advertisement or call the employer to know the area of their requirements and if it suits your qualifications and skills.

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