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Motorcycle Mechanic Resume

An increasing number of people have already given up their big family cars and have chosen to circulate with the help of a two-wheeled vehicle. Some say it is a faster solution for you to get to work on time, when the morning traffic will make that fairly impossible. Others say that motorcycles are the symbol of manhood, and that they show power and authority.


Either way, the motorcycle is a useful piece of machinery. It is true that it is sometimes faster than a car and easier to squeeze within a crowded town center. Then, the sensation of the wind in your hair may be considered rather romantic by your wife/ husband.

Motorcycles, indeed, serve many purposes. But although they are powerful and resistant vehicles, they have moments when their mechanical system crashes, due to many factors, like overuse, damaged component parts or even accidents.

It is then when we seek a specialist, who would be able to track the problem/s down and come with the right solution, so that our motorcycle will be "healthy" again. The motorcycle mechanic is that special person, and he has a lot of duties to complete. First, he has to check the vehicle for potential mechanic flaws, then to evaluate the proportion of the damage and also the costs involved by the repairs. Then, he would have to come with the solutions which are most fit to solve the issues, implement them and then re-evaluate the state of the vehicle.

For all these, he needs to be an organized person, with a great eye for details and very accurate knowledge of mechanics. Then, he must be a good communicator, as he will have to talk with the clients in order to discover the problems that he needs to tackle. In brief, here is how the resume of such a person should look like.

Motorcycle Mechanic Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: Johnatan Addison
Address: 84 Flower Avenue, Chicago
Marital status: Married, three children
Birth date: 1.10.1978


Being a motorcycle mechanic means learning how to combine the science of mechanics with the science of people: you have to be more than a simple repairer; you have to be a good listener and see what the customers' needs really are.


To become a motorcycle repairer within your workshop and therefore to make good use of my knowledge and skills in order to make your costumers' vehicles as good as new.


Responsible and ambitious, very attentive to details, with good knowledge of mechanics and very proficient with people, I think that I might be fit for the job that you are offering.

Skills and core competencies:

  • Attentive to details
  • Patient
  • Very good communication skills
Technical skills:
  • Very good knowledge of mechanics
  • Very good knowledge of the work equipment
  • Computer literate
Work experience:

Car mechanic, The Handle Workshop, Chicago, 2006-2010

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Track problems within the cars
  • Come with the necessary solutions
  • Evaluate the cost of repairs
Education: The Polk High School, Chicago, 2001-2005


  • Great results in fixing cars
  • Great results in communicating with people
Areas of interest:
  • Mechanics
  • Psychology

Scott Presley,
The Handle Workshop, Chicago,

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