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Photocopy Machine Servicer Resume

The information expressed within this article is designated to those who consider preparing a resume for a position such as Photocopy Machine Servicer. You will find several details about the main requirements and eligibility criteria for the job as well as the most significant elements of the resume that need to be highlighted. You will also find a sample resume for such as position. Use it as a model in order to prepare your own resume.


Photocopy Machine Servicers are responsible for operating, testing, repairing and ensuring the proper function and development of photocopy machines.

If you want to draw the employer's attention, your resume should emphasize previous working experiences and responsibilities, educational background and main strengths. Therefore, it is important to mention all former duties related to this area and professional skills and competencies gained and developed over time. Do not forget to state your professional objective at the beginning of the resume and your main contact details as well.

Photocopy Machine Servicer Resume Sample

Contact information

Name: Adrian Spelling
Address: Huntington Avenue, Boston
Birth date: 01.10.1970
Marital Status: Married
Children: One
Driver's License: B category, 1990


I am looking for a position as a Photocopy Machine Servicer where I can use my technical skills and my ten years of experience in working with equipments to ensure the proper function of the photocopy machine.


Highly organized, responsible and reliable Photocopy Machine Servicer, with interpersonal skills, technical competencies and multi-tasking abilities, I am looking forward to become a member of your team.

Skills and qualifications

  • Great oral and written communication skills
  • Developed organizational skills
  • Technical competencies
  • Extensive knowledge in handling mail equipments and machines
  • Multi tasking abilities
  • Focused
  • Computer skills
  • Distributive attention
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Deep mechanical skills
  • Physical strength
  • Efficient in time management;
  • Stress management
Work experience

Photocopy Machine Servicer,
Burstein & Hamilton Inc, 2006-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Being in charge of photocopy machines and equipments
  • Testing the photocopy machines on regular periods
  • Evaluating the performance of photocopy machines
  • Setting the level, speed and quality for printed materials
  • Installing the necessary devices
  • Identifying technical problems and fixing them
  • Ordering and maintaining photocopy supplies and equipments
  • Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with office personnel
Photocopy Machine Servicer,
Jenny's Copies Inc, 2006-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Operating and supervising photocopy machines and equipment
  • Ensuring a proper function of all photocopy machines
  • Ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations
  • Testing photocopy machines and repairing them
  • Replacing damaged devices, machines and equipments
  • Handling photocopy equipments supplies
Education and training

Bachelor's Degree Engineering, St. John's University
High School Diploma

Achievements and affiliations

Member of the American Association of Machine Mechanics

Areas of interest



References are available upon request

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