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Photographic Reproduction Technician Resume

A photographic reproduction technician is a professional in charge of duplicating photographic material on sensitized paper, film or cloth, using specific photographic equipment. They use original photographs or negatives and expose them in order to obtain new prints. The process requires considerable attention to detail in order that all the aspects of the original material are correctly reproduced according to specifications in the new resulting prints.


They have to pay attention to contrasts, color and brightness and so on, and they have to make exact measurements of the original, using charts, rule, percentage scale and the grade of the sensitized paper on which the reproduction will be made. The copies will have to be checked for defects and irregularities and retouches will have to be made using chemicals, brushes and inks. The developed reproductions have to be treated chemically according to the developing procedures.

Besides extensive technical knowledge in the process of photographing processing, the photographic reproduction technician has to know how to mix different chemical solutions and how to operate reproduction machines, how to adjust the lens assembly, the exposure time, the vacuum frame, the filters and so on. The resume of a photographic reproduction technician is a classic form resume that emphasizes the technical knowledge in photographic processes and especially, reproduction.

Photographic Reproduction Technician Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Kim Thorne
Birth date: 09.09.1976
Address: 456 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 45782
Contact Details: (201) 555 2938
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: No


My passion for photography has motivated me into studying different photographic processes, techniques and machines in the last few years. I have worked as a photographic machine operator and a photographic hand developer and gained the necessary skills in operating photographic machinery and handling tasks such as photographic reproduction. I, therefore, consider myself to be strongly qualified for the position of photographic reproduction technician.


To continue to work with photographic machines and techniques and further develop my skills and knowledge in a professional environment. I wish to be a part of a professional group of photographs specialists and share my passion while benefiting your company.


Photography enthusiast with experience in operating photographic processing machines, including reproduction machines and techniques.


  • Photography knowledge,
  • Technical familiarity with photographic processes and machines,
  • Patience,
  • Attention to detail,
  • Capacity to work long hours,
  • Interpersonal skills

Computer knowledge:
Windows, Mac, Linux, afferent applications

Work Experience:

Photographic processing machine operator, 1999-present
Bisque Photography, New Jersey


  • operating photographic processing machines for developing and reproduction photographic materials according with client specifications,
  • handling chemical solutions and making adjustments and retouches to negative prints,
  • collaborating with the client for complete satisfaction

Education and Training:

Master's in Photography, North Jersey University
Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, North Jersey University


As a photographic processing machine operator I have had a considerable chance in working closely with professional photographs and improve my own photographic skills

Areas of interest:
photography, culture, arts, technique


Mr. Tim Burton,
Manager of Bisque Photography,
New Jersey

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