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Planetarium Technician Resume

The person working at a planetarium and taking care of the used equipment is called the planetarium technician. He will first install the equipment and then he will have the responsibility of operating and maintaining it in good conditions. Normally, he will deal with special equipment used in the presentations made at the planetarium, such as projectors, laptops, electro-optic equipment, telescope, console controls, and other auxiliary instruments. He has to ensure a great sound and special effects using new technologies. In some planetariums, the technician also prepares tapes with music which will be played in the background during presentations.


There are times when the equipment may need repairs and the technician will have the responsibility of doing this.

Accomplishing all these duties right, the planetarium technician will ensure the success of the presentation, technically speaking. If he verifies all the equipment and keeps it in good condition, the chances of any problems occuring will be very small.

Besides all this, the planetarium technician will provide informative and documentary written materials. He may also assist students and provide them with information which will be useful for their studies.

The job of a planetarium technician is very fascinating and challenging. In order to obtain a job as a planetarium technician, one has to possess a diploma with qualification in this job related area. Complete your resume with personal details, skills, qualification and previous experience respecting some rules like clarity. It is important to write all there is to know about you related to this job.

Planetarium Technician Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: John Timmons
Birth date: 12.7.1982
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Besides installing, maintaining and repairing the planetarium equipments, the planetarium technician will also provide information and prepare materials for the students and teachers and for all other visitors.


To develop my career as a planetarium technician and to ensure the well functioning of the planetarium; to achieve more knowledge in the field and to develop my abilities; to learn more about the astronomy domain in order to be able to provide more information to the visitors; to learn about new discoveries in the field


Experienced planetarium technician, passionate in astronomy, I am willing to learn new things and to prove my ability of fulfilling all the job requirements with responsibility


  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Technical skills
  • Knowledge about software applications
  • Ability of preparing informational materials and scripts
  • Manual dexterity
  • Good personality
Work Experience

Planetarium technician,
Farville Planetarium, Farville, 2003-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Performing maintenance and repairs to the planetarium equipment
  • Editing and writing scripts and constructing special effects projectors
  • Providing useful information for the work of students and volunteers
  • Scheduling the planetarium visits and the use of the portable planetarium telescope
  • Making inventory

Community College, Farville College, 2002


Performed well all the assigned duties

Areas of interest



Carla Trevor
Farville Planetarium, Farville

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